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What to Do on Just a Bad Day 23 марта, 2009

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Today's Devotional.
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By James J. Holden

Did you ever have one of those days where you wish you would have thrown your alarm clock out of the window and pulled the covers over your head? Just the other day, I regretted the decision to get up. My day started with an hour-long trek to the mechanic’s garage for a repair. My driver’s seat wouldn’t lock into place. It was supposed to be a simple, one-and-a-half hour job. Wrong! After an hour, the mechanic told me they ordered the wrong part. They had to reassemble the seat (another half hour) and reschedule.

Eventually, they got me ready to go. However, they couldn’t find my paperwork. For the next 20 minutes, I watched them literally tear apart their office, digging through files, desks, and even the garbage trying to find my stuff. My day was off to a rousing start.

My next stop was my chiropractor. Recently I had an accident and injured my shoulder. I stopped in to have the doctor look at my arm to see how it was doing. After I was done, I approached the receptionist’s desk. The normal receptionist was gone. Her substitute insisted that I had to pay a co-payment. She was wrong, but it took another 10 minutes to convince her. My frustration increased.

Next I went to Sears to have my tires rotated. I arrived to find that I would have a three- to four-hour wait. Like that was going to happen! I decided to call another Sears to see if they could get me in any faster. They assured me they would take me right away. I drove the extra 20 minutes to the other Sears. Once there, I was told that it would be a three-hour wait because the mechanics had gone to lunch. I was livid. I very loudly told them that I had driven 20 minutes out of my way because they promised to take me right away. Their response? «Bummer.»

By this point I was totally disgusted, but I had one more stop to make. I had to run into a department store to get a price on something. As I walked past the cosmetics counter, the girl wildly sprayed a bottle of perfume. I guess I should mention I am allergic to perfume. I smelled like a Bath and Body Works groupie! I was forced to drive home without my shirt, getting a worse 1sinus headache as I went.

My day was finally coming to an end. As I drove home, my head was reeling from the day I had endured. I was glad to soon be home. As I turned off the highway and onto a country road, all that separated me from my house was a winding, steep mountain road. I was home-free. That’s when I saw it.

Immediately in front of me was a bright yellow Penndot truck. As I got closer, I read two words on the truck that made me groan: «Driver Training.» As we started up the steep hill, I noticed the truck going slower and slower. About halfway up, it came to a stop. It was stuck. We had to back down the hill and try again. I had enough and tore out around it, eventually making it home.

We all have had days like this. Sometimes I wonder why God makes us endure such trying days. After all, isn’t the Christian’s life supposed to be blessed? Let me tell you, I didn’t feel that blessed at the end of this day. I was flustered, flabbergasted and wondering why God allowed such a frustrating day. While reading the Bible, I found my answer in Romans 5:3. «also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.»

God allows such days to test us. He wants us to become Christians who persevere through hard and trying times. By doing this, we will develop godly character, which is the goal of any people seeking to become like Jesus. We need to welcome these trying days, knowing that good things can come of them. So next time your day takes a road trip down Disasterville Highway, go along for the ride knowing that in the end you will become a better person because of it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rewash my perfumed shirt for the fourth time to try to get the stench out.


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