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Are We Obsolete Without Marketing? Май 12, 2009

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Актуальная проблема -problem of today, eMagazines, Today's Devotional.
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QUOTE: «Look at the parallels between religion and marketing, and it’s almost identical. People become attached to a religion in the same way someone takes on a brand. We’re so used to having our products created for us that fill our needs … that it makes all of the sense in the world we’d expect the same from our faith. … Marketing is sort of a necessary evil. It’s part of our culture at this point, and if faiths want to be part of the culture, they’re going to have to do marketing, or they’ll get lost in the conversation.» —Mara Einstein, a Queens College associate professor of media studies and author of Brands of Faith, on how marketing has changed the modern church. Einstein believes today’s ubiquitous marketing has merged with a consumer-driven culture to create an attitude among Americans that we have an inherent right to «shop» for whatever form of spirituality fits us best at the moment—including no faith. While the latest Pew Research study supports this, Center for Church Communications founder Brad Abare adds that over time it’s caused a greater disparity between the «haves» and «have-nots» of church marketing savvy—namely, megachurches and smaller congregations: «Why go to the old boring stale church down the street when you can drive 15 miles out to the suburbs and feel like you’re pulling up to Target? They’ve got music, lights, sound, things for the kids to do. It’s Disney World inside their doors.» [adage.com, 5/11/09]



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