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The Faliure of Religion Май 24, 2009

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Актуальная проблема -problem of today, Трибуна братства - The brotherhood tribune, eMagazines, Today's Devotional.
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Years ago when I took my son fishing on Twelve Pole Creek I found a Budweiser can and noticed a small Rock Bass fish trapped inside. When smaller, he swam unsuspecting into the can and then, failing to find his way out, soon became too large to get out. When I freed him from the can, he had already begun to grow in a curve.

That true story suggests the way thousands have experienced religion. It held out for them promise for a fuller, richer life where problems could be handled and freedom experienced daily. In reality it brought additional problems—church politics, power plays, one more thing to do, and one more thing to become frustrated with. Instead of finding freedom, life seemed more stilted—they found themselves growing in a curve.

Much of what we see in the established church today has no fire. She has become ensnared in a kind of “institutionalism” that withers in the labyrinth of its organizational structures. But more serious than all of the above has been the people’s failure to find a worthy cause for which to live. People can live in churches for years and never discover any greater reason to live than a career, a few more possessions or a little more fame. You don’t have to be religious to pursue these goals.

Remember Jesus? He established the greatest adventure the world has ever seen and did it in the midst of massive religious failure. If we hear His call afresh today, we, too, can participate in a quality of life that makes new everything around us.

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