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Journey Deeper into God’s Word — Matthew 16:24 Сентябрь 18, 2009

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Today's Devotional.

Journey Deeper into Gods Word

Journey Deeper into God's Word

Matthew 16:24: ‘Then Jesus told his disciples, «If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.’

I am really being challenged about the level of commitment I have to God. Is it enough? Am I serious about following Christ? The reality is God doesn’t want part time or casual Christians, but followers who are fully committed. God wants me to forget my own ambitions, go deep into my relationship with Him and go where He sends me.

And when I make mistakes and sin (which is often), I will come before God seeking His forgiveness and I will be forgiven! Sin is a reality for me, having that sin removed is God’s reality for me.

So Matthew 16:24 describes the need for me to 1) deny myself, 2) take up His cross; and 3) Follow Him. To deny myself is to not ask what is good for me, what can I get out of a situation, but to ask what does God want for me? Lord I want to completely serve you today, lead me into situations where I can love others and tell others about you, and if I don’t like those situations, Lord give me strength to ignore my discomfort.

To take up the cross is about me actively seeking out ways of serving God. Lord how can I serve you today? I want to show great love, your love! I want to serve, to be generous and compassionate, I am ready God!

To follow God requires that I first see Him, it is hard to follow someone I cannot see. And I also need to stick close as I can lose sight of someone if I try to follow from a distance. So how do I see God? How do I stay close? With the help of the Holy Spirit, I can witness God and be drawn close through reading the Bible, through prayer, in fellowship with other Christians and by enjoying God’s amazing creation!

So today Lord I make the commitment to deny my own needs in pursuit of serving you.

Praise you Lord for this passage!

God bless,

Mark Brown — http://www.facebook.com/RevMarkBrown

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