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IF CHRIST COMES TODAY; DO I HAVE AN EXCUSE ??????? Сентябрь 27, 2009

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Today's Devotional.

Bishop Liberty

Bishop Liberty

As you worship God in this new week; take a careful look at those worshiping with you. Is there someone whose shoe sore has eaten away and cannot afford one, does that family looks like they had no meal today ,are there people in your mist or community that are naked or in prison? Look in your clothes closet or suit cases etc.;your store room or waste basket and see if there is food;that empty room fill of junk because the kids are all grown now etc,; yet in the same community , church,neighborhood;you see that neighbor and his children who were thrown out in the streets because they could not afford their rent; or those old folks down the road who kid was put into prison; hungry jobless, naked people running around or worshiping in the same building as you are. Now take a deep breath and ask yourself this question: If Christ comes today; do I have an excuse? «…. AND HE SHALL SET THE SHEEP ON HIS RIGHT HAND, BUT THE GOATS ON THE LEFT….THEN SHALL THEY ALSO ANSWER HIM,LORD,WHEN SAW WE THEE AN HUNGERED, OR ATHIRST, OR A STRANGER, OR NAKED, OR SICK, OR IN PRISON, AND DID NOT MINISTER UNTO THEE? LITTL…E CHILDREN ABIDE IN HIM; THAT, WHEN HE SHALL APPEAR, WE MAY HAVE CONFIDENCE, AND NOT BE ASHAMED BEFORE HIM AT HIS COMING. WHEN THE CHIEF SHEPHERD SHALL APPEAR….» YE SHALL RECEIVE A CROWN OF GLORY THAT FADETH NOT AWAY». If you find an honest answer to your question ;I am quite sure you know what to do. May the Good Lord empty you and refill you with the secrets of a fulfill, rewarding and everlasting life.



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