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Perceptions of Church from the unchurched World Сентябрь 27, 2009

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Актуальная проблема -problem of today, Трибуна братства - The brotherhood tribune, Today's Devotional.

Freddy Peatross

Freddy Peatross

(just listen without correction of comment)

Has the church become ineffective in fulfilling its mission via a lost sense of what should be its primary identity? Over the last couple of years I’ve asked 50+ of my (now) unchurched friends to give me a brief synopsis of their idea of church.

The answers varied from «people who are saved,» to «a place you go on Sunday morning» to an «opportunity to wear your Sunday best.» A large percentage talked about how they felt less than the church people who were regular attenders. Others pointed to an experience with a church member and the associated hypocrisy. But among all the answers — not one described the church in terms of community. And each of them, at different times in life, had been nurtured in a church without ever understanding the nature of their experience. The church was for them a habit without definition. They had been trained to attend church without BEING the church. Is it any wonder that the world would dismiss the church as irrelevant with little force to change the world today?



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