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Why People Give Up on Us Март 16, 2010

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

‘A man who has friends must himself be friendly…’ Proverbs 18:24

No matter how good a leader you are, you’ll eventually lose people. When the relationship is over, you’ll go one way and they’ll go another. If you don’t understand that you’ll try to cling to them or control them. When you can’t, you’ll be tempted to isolate and criticise them. But you can do things to make yourself the kind of leader people will want, and when the time comes for them to leave they’ll do it looking back with joy. One leadership expert shares the following six principles: ‘1) I take responsibility for my relationships with others. When a relationship goes bad, I initiate action and try to make it better 2) When people leave me I do an exit interview. The purpose is to discover if I am the reason they are leaving. If so, I apologise and take the high road with them 3) I put a high value on those who work with me. It’s wonderful when people believe in their leader; it’s more wonderful when the leader believes in the people 4) I put credibility at the top of my leadership list. I may not always be competent; there are times when every leader finds himself in over his or her head. However, I can always be trustworthy 5) I recognise that my positive emotional help creates a secure environment for people. Therefore I will think positively, practise right behaviour towards others, and follow the golden rule 6) I maintain a teachable spirit and nurture my passion for personal growth. I will keep learning so I can continue leading.’

From Ucb booklet



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