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Eliminating Excuses Май 7, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

Eliminate excuses

By Ozias Mucheriwa



I was going for a Toastmasters meeting. The volume of traffic on the streets was inhibiting. I eventually made it presumably on time for the meeting. The parking space was too limited that I had to struggle for about fifteen minutes before I could secure a parking lot. I rushed to the auditorium where the meeting was scheduled to take place and to my bewilderment, there was no one in the room; the venue had been changed at the last minute. I made some calls and eventually found my way to the meeting. I was expecting that since everybody had gone through the same ordeal as mine, the commencement time would be adjusted and only a few people would be present. To my astonishment, the room was full and the meeting had commenced promptly at the stipulated time.

How would I then justify myself with my genuine excuses of traffic jam and parking space, let alone the change of venue? A thought suddenly struck me. I tried to figure out how others had made it so early despite almost same or even worse circumstances than mine, since some of them had traveled for longer distances than mine. I made a hard decision (which I rarely do) to be honest with myself and automatically threw all my excuses through the window and vowed that I would not be late for those meetings again.

Excuses, no matter how genuine do not take us anywhere especially if we intend to progress and become a better people. Excuses tend to provide asylum from the truth about ourselves which eventually undermines achievement. As long as you do not look at the image in the mirror and confront it you will remain a slave to the excuse making gland.

“Excuses” is a deadly disease that inhibits growth in mankind. Some prefer calling it the “if I only…” disease. It tends to justify and or blame every kind of shortcoming or failure to somebody or something else. The most unfortunate victims of the blame are difficult pasts, parents, poverty, environment, lack of time, genetics, the list is endless. A person with bad eating habits rarely want to confront the truth and change eating patterns but would rather blame it on the genes of parents or parents’ parent. There are some who ascribe their defeat to the intractability of nature. However, honest examination would often figure out that most of the reasons could be ascribed to incorrigible idleness. Someone said that failure is not failure until you blame it on others. The moment you start to blame situations or people then your failure begins to kick in. Learn to face your weaknesses and be honest with yourself. Your excuses will start to vanish consistently.

Keep in mind that great people are those who find excuses for others and none for themselves. Whenever there is a task to be executed they crawl under, climb over or go around until they achieve. I am trying to be part of that group and I hope you will join me.
To your zenith, Ozias Mucheriwa



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