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Refuse to Let Fear Stop You! Май 7, 2010

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

‘»I was afraid…»‘ Luke 19:21

Ask yourself, ‘What would I attempt, if I weren’t afraid of failing?’ Jesus told of a man who entrusted his business to three key workers. He gave the first worker five talents, the second two, and the third one. In Bible times one talent was about fifteen years’ salary, so you begin to grasp what an opportunity this was. It was a defining moment which gave each of them the chance to test their skills, develop initiative, practice good judgment, and profit from their investment. The first two men did exactly that, doubling theirs. But the third was afraid of failing, so he buried his talent. Jesus described this man as ‘wicked’ and said his talents would be taken from him and given to the man who used his profitably. He wasn’t judged for what he did, he was judged for doing nothing. Fear of people, fear of failure, and fear of rejection can tempt you to bury your gift. Don’t do it! Unless you’ve the courage to start-you’re already finished. When God called people like Moses, Gideon, Deborah and Esther they all had to overcome their natural fears; so will you. When they were in the wilderness, fear of lack made the Israelites want to go back to Egyptian slavery. Fear of persecution caused the disciples to forsake Jesus in His darkest hour, and caused Peter to deny Him-three times. Refuse to let fear stop you! How you use your talents is a matter of the utmost importance. The truth is, it’s the basis upon which God will finally judge and reward you.

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