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Alter your Mindset Июль 4, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

Alter your mindset.

By Ozias Mucheriwa

“You’ve got to be innovative! You have to increase your output. You have to augment your production by eighty percent.” These and other challenging statements are what we hear frequently, in the business world and the world around us but the question remains, how can one be able to innovate and come up with stuff beyond his mortal discretion to fathom?, There are many men and women of extraordinary mental stature with minds so powerful that they can turn disjointed screeds into reasoned consensus but they are inhibited from going beyond their present worlds because there is nothing more that they can see. In order for them to do and be better than what their present circumstances dictate, they need to be exposed to better and challenging things., I was chatting with a friend who is a web designer. He told me that the very first time that he caught sight of a floppy disk was a significant ‘light bulb moment’ that transformed his life round in an instant. He was even overwhelmed when his brother told him that he had all his information contained in that piece of external data media. He made a conscious resolution that he will pursue a career in the technological world of computers for the rest of his life and from that moment a self-propelled upward spiral began, as I am writing today he a very successful web developer. Imagine if he had not been exposed to a computer until today. Perhaps he could be wailing in poverty somewhere in search of a career., A moment of exposure altered his way of thinking. Anytime that you see someone perform at a level that is mind blowing you are being afforded a moment of exposure. That exposure is capable of catapulting you to a level of thinking that you never dreamt of before. It is called a world of possibilities. You will begin to see things that you considered impossible and once you see them through someone then the light dawns on you; they are within the realm of practical possibility., A belief system can only change when you afford yourself exposure to people and circumstances that can mess with your thinking. If you live in a two dollar world you will be disposed to think of the whole wide world as a two dollar place, but if you get the opportunity to rub shoulders with gentlemen of leisure who exercise a conspicuous consumption of valuable goods your view of the world will obviously shift. Before you get elevated to a million dollar world you need to be exposed to the million dollar world first and see its beauty. Until you get exposed to a free society you can never appreciate and understand the importance of freedom. You cannot get to a level that is beyond what your mind can see. In order for you to see it expose yourself to it!, For many years, it was believed to be impossible to run a four-minute mile until Roger Bannister broke that myth in 1954. The other guys who came and realised that it is possible made it possible again. The ‘four minute barrier’ has since been broken by many male athletes, and is now the standard of all professional middle distance runners. Everything that has been made possible initially became possible in someone’s mind. If you want to have a lot of possibilities allow your mind to be exposed to a lot of possibilities. Once they become possible in your mind they are now possible.,

In order for you to see it expose yourself to it!,

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