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‘Make Yourself at Home, Lord’ (2) Июль 14, 2010

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

‘»…Abide in My love…»‘ John 15:9

To make yourself at home in God’s love you must: 1) give Him the first part of your day. The Psalmist wrote, ‘…Early will I seek thee…’ (Psalm 63:1). If you don’t learn to give God the first part of your day you’re unlikely to break through to a deeper relationship with Him. You must set aside a specific time and place each morning where you can read and write comfortably, think, study, talk to God out loud, and yes, weep if you need to. 2) relish His every Word to you. Receive what He says like food, like treasure, like a love letter. Remember, you’re reading in order to meet someone. Your goal is not information, it’s intimacy. Stop and ponder what you’ve read. Let it go down into the core of your being and expect Him to interact with you. He will! 3) talk and listen to a person; not an invisible force. We treat God as if He were some mystical force ‘out there.’ No, He wants you to talk to Him like you would a friend; to hear your requests, your worries, and your thanks. Go ahead, risk being honest and expect His insight in return. Take time to be still before Him. Stay there until you ‘connect’ with Him 4) write down your thoughts and impressions; not a diary of your day or an attempt at literature, but a record of your personal walk with God. Share with Him your disappointments. Ask for His wisdom. Leave your request on the page until you receive guidance. Keep track of His answers. These simple practices are called ‘disciplines’ because they take effort-but the reward is worth it.

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