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Keep Climbing Август 2, 2010

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

‘Give me this [mountain] that the Lord promised me.’ Joshua 14:12

Admiral Joe Fowler served in both World Wars. As a naval architect he designed two of America’s largest aircraft carriers, the USS Lexington and the USS Saratoga. He retired from the Navy in 1948. Shortly after, Walt Disney asked him to head up the design and construction of his first theme park in California. Nothing like it had ever been done before. Not only did Fowler complete the project in 1955, but he also managed its operation for many years. Later, when Disney wanted to build another theme park in Florida, he called Fowler to do it. When Fowler completed the project in 1971, he was 71. End of story? No, when Fowler was 87 Disney called on him again to build a futuristic theme park called Epcot Center. When asked why he would take on such a project aged 87, Fowler replied, ‘You don’t have to die until you want to’. In 1993 he completed the job, and laid down his drawing board at the age of 99. Mission accomplished! At 85 years of age, Caleb said to Joshua, ‘Give me this [mountain] that the Lord promised me [45 years ago]’ (Joshua 14:12). Did he get it? Yes. So keep climbing. Will you make mistakes along the way? Sure! Henry Ford forgot to put a reverse gear in his first car. He also went bankrupt five times before becoming the father of the automobile industry. You’ll stumble on your way to the top, but if you seek God’s help and stay with it, you’ll get there. The truth is, you’re not defeated until your doubts and regrets take the place of your dreams.

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