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Нarvest season! Сентябрь 28, 2010

Posted by Alyosha Kolodiy in Today's Devotional.

Bishop J-m Gilson-Levi

Bishop J-m Gilson-Levi

Many ministers preach about seed and harvest and stay at the stage of sowing and never goes to the harvest season.
They eat the seed of the generous donators and the seed of those willing to be rich without doing nothing (lazy bums)..(maybe you have a better word, you will maybe say it is not love…or it is rude…wha…tever you thing…i don t disagree , God hates laziness and God does not use sweet words…) so now they tell the people to put some seed money in the collection and when harvest comes they will get 30 , 60 or 100 folds the seed…It seems Biblical and it is there that we have a problem, it only seems… Jesus said the HARVEST is white…(ready) pray for the master to send Workers, harvesters…not new seed… you can t sow until the harvest is done…you need to repraipare the land for it.
the problem is we do not harvest no more and put back seeds on top of a white field and than our seed dies… birds (ministers take it away) …It is time that we come back to the reality, this is harvest time, the Lord is coming…no evangelism, no rewards, no soul winning, no blessing simple like this…you can say it is not my calling, move out of that fear and blindness and understand that each one of us have the duty to testify and win souls, this is not an evangelist’s ministry it is a Christian duty.
stop to believe in the false promesses of preachers looking for your own money to fly their private jet, leaving you to hope to buy your fare for your next trip.
One thing after 26 years of ministry i became realistic and therefore real..I have been there and realise that my help comes from the Lord not from man.
I don t try to be popular , and therefore don t try to steal believers out of their churches, but I win souls and make me what I am, a winner, a blessed man, multiplying in numbers of souls (coming from the world, not from the churches).
my friend you can still dream or wake up and have the vision of this field ready to harvest, not your field, not my field but God’s field…get ready get ready he is coming back and his rewards are with him….
your servant.
bishop j-m Gilson-Levi
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