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2010 Drawing to a close Октябрь 4, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

Time does fly. It certainly does. The month of October marks the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year. We are in October 2010 already! Only three months remain before the end of the eventful 2010. This has been a significantly historic year for Africa mainly as a result of South Africa’s successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup and Africa coming to a highly emotional end of the road as a result of Suarez’s extended hand shuttering the hopes of going beyond the quarter finals.

Let us bring this in a forceble way home to us and walk on the ever trodden path of goals and resolutions. Many of us had set resolutions and I want to commend you for having taken the time to set goals for the year. Others just delved into it with no plan whatsoever. Whether you followed through or not, I would want to commend you just for being conscious of the need to set the goals especially if you took time to pen them down. Some achieved the goals while others are still following through until today. These need not only be admired but to be emulated as well. For those still following through I would want to bring to your attention that there are only three months left for you to achieve your goal/s for the year. Even if they are appearing difficult to achieve, just hang in there, you’re up for a thumbs up at year end.

On the other hand I cannot pretend that my other friends are non existent; they get surprised by the sudden realization that the year has suddenly ended. These friends of mine always think that there is still time, only to realize when the end is drawn closer that there is not much time at their disposal. To these friends of mine there is not much I can do other that reminding them that the time which you think is still there is about to run out. If you have reneged on your promise since the month of January go back on track as there is still three more months ahead of you to pursue those goals. It may be better to start now and carry on into the coming year than to completely resign and await the beginning of a new year as you might risk carrying old habits into the new year. Take daily steps towards achieving your long-term vision. Always remember that your daily choices and actions make an incalculable contribution to your success.

Setting goals and achieving them instills a certain degree of confidence in you and boosts your self esteem as you will find yourself on the path towards realizing your self ideal.

To Your Zenith

Ozias Mucheriwa



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