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Pursuing Your Passion Октябрь 6, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

Why a lot of people do not make money is because they do not know what it is exactly that they want to do. They only know that they want money but what they want to do in the process, they are completely unaware. What then happens? They hop from idea to idea but their exclusive interest is to make money. What we need to realize is that any business makes money as long as it is your calling and you have a passion for it. If you masquerade as having the passion where it is not, the test of time will expose you. A time will come when you need to make a significant sacrifice. Without a burning desire to see the project to its ultimate fruition, you will back off and start another less demanding venture. When the test comes again as it certainly does, you will find yourself switching again. You will not step up to the plate and take your share of the work.

Know exactly what you want to do and pursue it relentlessly with dogged determination until it begs for mercy!

If selling chicken is making money for someone but is not your calling, you may lose your shirt in the process should you try it. You will become the preacher with a single sermon which says that selling chicken is the worst business there can ever be. On the other hand someone is not preaching but living it — that chicken selling is the way to go, hence you will confuse people with your unfounded message.

You may also think that your idea is too lofty and needs capital that is beyond your ability to raise. If it is your calling you need to open your eyes and see the sacrifice that you need to make in order to make your dream come true. It could be selling all your possessions, may be selling your house, or it could be swallowing your pride and speak to someone that you never thought you would need one day. It could be anything but a significant sacrifice will certainly need to be made. What you sacrifice for, your heart will follow and where your heart is, success is guaranteed.

Let us face it. Not every business pursuit will recompense the owners with equal financial rewards. This is what matters; Financial rewards will certainly come but the satisfaction that you get afterwards, money cannot buy. The level of satisfaction that you get after having fulfilled your purpose is much more than money. The contentment of achievement is more than money! The secret is in finding your purpose and pursuing it.

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