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Taking it to heights Октябрь 25, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Family, family relationship, man&woman relationship, marriage, PSYCHOLOGIE-ПСИХОЛОГИЯ.
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Men really need to focus of pleasuring women otherwise it may later even lead to the divorce due to unsatisfactory sex life. Women are the most sensitive human beings. For women sex is not a mere physical activity, but they like to enjoy its sensitivity and emotional side along with the sexual pleasure. Men like to give pleasure to women but due to the inadequate knowledge about sex, he fails to do so and it results into the uninterested attitude of women towards sex. In the survey it was noted that more than 50% of the women are unsatisfied with their sex life and this really put a big question on the men’s functionality. Men on other hand are very much physical during the sex and this keeps women devoid of the pleasure that they want from men. So, you need to learn some techniques to pleasure women

1.Setting the mood Men are always ready for sex, but women needs to come into the mood before they go for the sexual ecstasy.
2.Foreplay is the most important women pleasure technique. It is only through the foreplay that you can get your ladylove ready for the sexual ecstasy. Women require a lot of foreplay to turn on
3.Go slow Women are very slow to come in mood as compared to men. Men require only 2 minutes to reach the orgasm, whereas women require at least 15 minutes to reach the orgasm.
4.Explore all body parts Remember that women require a whole body stimulation to get involved in the sex completely. Paying attention only towards the reproductive organ, turn off the women because they love that their partner pays attention towards there each and every part.
5.Clitoral stimulation. Women feel the intense sexual pleasure with the clitoral stimulation. Like the penis is men, clitoris is the most sensitive part of the women reproductive system.
6.Breast stimulation Breasts are the sensitive body parts and should be given a due attention if you want to give pleasure to your ladylove. Be soft on breasts, use your fingers to touch her nipples softly and then keep them revolving around them. This will really make her feel the immense pleasure of sex and she will get into the mood. You will be surprised to see her even reaching the orgasm only with breast stimulation.



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