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Is it worthy it.? Serious talk. Октябрь 27, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

Is It Worth It?

The question becomes, are you willing to work it out? Is what you have – or had – worth building on, or is it more expedient to walk away? There are always going to be cases where there is abuse from one or the other in one form or the other. Those relationships are not healthy and should be terminated (in my opinion).

The question is not about who is wrong or right. The question is, “Is it worth fixing?” Anything that is worth doing is worth doing correctly. Any relationship – ALL relationships — will have their ups and downs. Think about it – you are not perfect, and your partner is definitely not perfect (although mine is as close to perfect as they come). What makes you think your marriage will be perfect? It won’t be. It can’t be. You’re both human.Marriage is a commitment – if you don’t want to make the commitment then don’t get married.



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