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Great Passion,do you have passion folks? Октябрь 29, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

Passion Pushes you all the way.

Passion is life’s most powerful force. By sexual passion we were conceived. By motherly passion we were bore, birthed, and brought through the womb.

It is something deeply felt, contagious, and capable of being transferred.

Your passion arouses in you unquenchable fire and deep desire. Passion propels you forward against all odds and obstacles, enabling you to conquer your circumstances.

Passion is a powerful emotion manifested in many ways. Love is a captivating and intoxicating emotion that flows from a place of passion. Joy often comes from life’s victories and successes, which without you might be filled with sorrow and despair. Passion takes you through life’s hills and valleys, highs and lows, and glories and gremlins. Hatred is another form of passion that compels you to take action to change the status quo, realizing what you tolerate will continue to dominate. Anger and frustration are the fathers to progress, the foundation of which is passion.

A person with passion is expressive, intensely feels, fervently articulates, and adventurously journeys into the unknown to create his world. Passion is accompanied with enthusiasm, devotion, and a dedication to endure unto fruition. A passionate individual is zealous to live their dreams, apply themselves wholeheartedly, defy any obstacle aggressively, and grow progressively as they live purposefully.

By passion people throughout the world have been liberated from oppressors, birthed new nations founded upon freedom, and empowered people to economically thrive. Passion has been the lifeblood of politics, national debates, and public discourse.

The reformation, recognizing of women’s rights, and emancipation proclamation all were brought about because of passionate people who vehemently and fiercely fought for individuals basic human rights. Passion burned in their bellies as it does ours. Fiery hot and full of faith, they followed their inner urges, listened to their inner inclinations, and heeded their inner impressions. Refusing to take no for an answer, they revolutionized their world.

You too can change your world if you will hearken to and harness your own individual passion. Your passion will test you, as it did Jesus who died on the cross for the salvation of mankind. When seemingly all hope was lost, He arose victoriously from the dead and ascended from the grave. No matter your present circumstance and perception of reality, you too can rise above all and magnificently fulfill your destiny.

Transcend what dwarfs, diminishes, and demeans. Let your passion lead the way to living your dreams!



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