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What is the goal of Marriage 2 ? Ноябрь 28, 2010

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.

What is the goial of Marriage 2 ?

It is impossible to influence others if you can’t communicate what is important to you. Since you are married to someone who is very different than you, the challenge to communicate is always there. Your spouse thinks different than you, reacts emotionally different than you and evaluates life different than you. As a result, you have to learn to state your convictions, ideas and preferences in new ways. Every time you reword your ideas for the benefit of your spouse, you grow in your ability to explain your convictions to others in your life. As they grasp what is important to you, they grow in their understanding of life and their own decisions.
Finally, your influence is most valuable when it outlasts you. When people in the next generation adopt what is important to you, adds their own value to it and then passes it on, your influence becomes a very powerful thing. People you will never meet will have their lives improved by your skills. Most people who get married have children, which creates a built-in audience for your ideas. Since your kids are emotionally attached to you during their most formative years, you have a naturally powerful impact on them. Since your kids are part of a different generation, they force you to translate your ideas so others can integrate them. Since your children eventually develop their own circle of influence, they extend your influence. The skills you learn by communicating with them also gives you the opportunity to influence others from their generation.
As you can probably tell, developing character, communication and continuation is strenuous. You will either embrace it as your greatest opportunity or complain about it as a significant irritation but you will be aware that your marriage is trying to help you be a better you.



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