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Work on Your Marriage Декабрь 10, 2010

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

‘…no matter what I say…I’m bankrupt without love.’ 1 Corinthians 13:3

Former U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett attended a contemporary wedding where the bride and groom pledged in their vows to remain together, ‘As long as love shall last.’ Bennett said, ‘I sent them paper plates as a wedding gift.’ If you want to build a great marriage, one that will go the distance, you must concentrate on doing these four things: 1) Take responsibility for your own happiness. By blaming your mate you never have to face yourself honestly or change your own behaviour. That’s a cop-out! Relationships aren’t dumping grounds. Happiness is an inside job; it comes from having a healthy self-esteem and a growing relationship with God. 2) Be a friend. Ever notice how easily we accept our friends as they are, yet have trouble doing that with the one we’re married to? Look out, familiarity breeds contempt! Doesn’t your partner deserve at least the same respect, loyalty, patience, gratitude and appreciation you give others? 3) Have a shared goal. You always need something to plan for and work toward together. Doing this will enrich your relationship and take it to higher levels. So, what’s your next goal? 4) Have courage. Dr. Theodore Rubin says, ‘The problem is not that there are problems, it’s expecting otherwise; it’s thinking that having problems is the problem!’ There are no perfect situations in life. You need courage to face whatever comes, to realise that what you can’t solve, you can out-last and out-love! So work on your marriage today!

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1. radiopodarok - Декабрь 10, 2010

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