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Are You Going to Heaven? Март 6, 2011

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

»…That you may know that you have eternal life…» 1 John 5:13

When ten-year-old Mary’s mother died, she became ‘mother of the house’, caring for her father who worked the night shift at a local mine. One evening as she was packing his lunch she slipped a Gospel booklet inside, hoping he’d find comfort after the loss of his wife. Suddenly at 1am an emergency whistle sounded, telling the town’s people that miners had been caught in a collapsed mine. Emergency workers worked through the night and finally broke through to a small cavern where they found the miners. Sadly, it was too late. All eight men had suffocated, including Mary’s father. The rescuers were devastated. As they surveyed the scene they noticed that the men had died seated in a circle. Looking closer, they discovered that Mary’s father was sitting with a small booklet in his lap, open to the last page where the plan of salvation was explained. On that page he had written a special message to her: ‘My dear Mary, by the time you find this I’ll be with your mother. I read your little book several times to the others while we waited to be rescued. Our hope is fading for this life — but not for the next. We did as the book told us and prayed. I love you, and one day we’ll all be together in heaven.’ Are you going to heaven? Do you know for sure? You can. ‘These things I have written… that you may know that you have eternal life.’ To know God,

Ucb booklet



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