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What You Learn in a Crisis Март 7, 2011

Posted by Lee Goodall in Today's Devotional.

»…»Why are we sitting here until we die?»» 2 Kings 7:3

The armies of Syria had besieged Samaria and the people were dying of starvation. Four lepers, whose disease forced them to live outside the city walls, had got used to living on scraps of bread people threw over the wall each day. But now no more scraps were coming their way. So they said to themselves, ‘…»Why are we sitting here until we die?»‘ So they took action. ‘…They rose at twilight to go to the camp of the Syrians… to their surprise no one was there. For the Lord had caused… the Syrians to hear… the noise of a great army… Therefore they arose and fled… and left… their tents, their horses, and their donkeys… these lepers… went into one tent and ate and drank, and carried from it silver and gold and clothing… Then they said to one another, «We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news, and we remain silent… let us go and tell the king’s household»‘ (2 Kings 7:5-9 NKJV). This story teaches us three important truths. First, that crisis becomes our friend when it moves us to take action. Only when we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, will things begin to change for the better. Second, that — once we take a step of faith — God will move on our behalf. The only thing that can limit Him is our doubt, our stubbornness and our complacency. His Word says, ‘…Therefore will the LORD wait, that he may be gracious unto you…’ (Isaiah 30:18 KJV). Finally, it teaches us that when God blesses us, we can’t keep it to ourselves. Others need what God has given us, and we must get it to them — on time.

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