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Times Март 24, 2011

Posted by Herbert Mtowo in Today's Devotional.


By Kevin Michael Dallas

There are times when things look their bleakest and we think that there’s no one there for us. That is the time to turn to prayer. God is always willing to meet us halfway. Work your way towards Him. I am here to tell you that if do just small works in His Name, He will bless you. You reach out to His Magnificent Hand and He will reach back to grab yours. He will cover unimaginable distances touch you and fill you with His Holy Spirit.

Our God can never fail. You may sometimes think that He’s not listening to your prayer but our God hears every prayer and you would be very surprised to know how much He thinks of YOU! He thinks millions of thought about YOU personally everyday.

With the recent calamity in Northern Japan we may question how our God can allow these things to happen. Our God weeps for each and every life that is lost there. I am telling you that our God is a good of Mercy. The devil rejoices in death and destruction and disorder. The devil wants only to kill and destroy. In all times, remember that God is always in charge. We do not understand His reasons for the way that He does things. It is not for we mortals to question Him; it is our job to love, respect and worship Him.

The people of Northern Japan need our help but mostly they need our prayer. They are a part of the Family of Man and they are hurting in ways that very few of us understand. Support them through the Red Cross and through the Mighty Lord our God support them also with your fervent prayer.



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