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Be resilent Апрель 8, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

Being resilient

Dave Longaberger graduated from high school at the age of 20. He repeated first grade and three-repeated’ fifth grade. He reads at eighth grade level, stutters, and has epilepsy. But’ Dave possesses resilience and tenacity spirit. As a child he worked so many jobs, his family called him ‘the 25-cent millionaire.’ Some people in life just let go after some flimsy discouragement, but if you are to ever make it you must be resilient and have tenacity. You must have the heart to take lick and take another lick. Look at defeat right in your face and still believe this is not the end of your story, but the beginning of a turnaround of your life and all around you.

As a seven-year-old in a grocery store he learned that the way to please his boss was to figure out what the boss wanted, and get it done. He studied people; and learned from them. He discovered that work could be fun, and that he did a better job when he enjoyed it. The more the people he dealt with liked him, the more likely they were to continue doing business with him. He also learned how to become a risk-taker. For example, he started a tiny restaurant on a shoestring. On the opening day he had $135 that he used to buy the first day’s breakfast ingredients. After breakfast, he’d enough money to buy supplies for lunch. Then he used the money he made from lunch to buy dinner preparations. Talk about starting a business on bare bones!

Later he bought a grocery store and ran it very successfully. All the time he was preparing himself for bigger and better things. In 2001, his company, The Longaberger Company, sold over $600 million worth of home accessory items, through 36,000 independent sales consultants nationwide. What’s his secret? These four scriptural qualities: a. faith b. patience c. hard work, and d.resilience and tenacity of heart

What a life Dave Longaberger lived, full of challenges and obstacles’. But he had made up his mind and knew what he wanted to do and pursue. It’s not always the truth that every loss is a loss; some losses are gains if you look at them with an open heart and embrace them joyfully and not grudgingly. We spend too much time regretting, wishing and hoping if, if things had been like this. You better not live in a world of if` and start to seize the moments and hold your dreams and cherish them until you get what life has in store for you.

Peace and Love

JTC Chairman

Herbert Mtowo





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