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You have the ability Апрель 8, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

You have the ability!

Without struggle, you’ll never develop your potential! Have you ever watched an ant carrying home a piece of bread that’s bigger than him? Success belongs to those too small to carry what they believe in, but too stubborn to leave it behind! If God the Creator lives within you, then you are ‘creative.’ That means when you can’t find a job, you can go out and create one. If success doesn’t come after you, get up and go after it. There are no risk-free plans.

A young man once asked an old man, ‘What’s the secret of your success?’ ‘Good decisions,’ he replied. ‘How did you learn to make good decisions?’ the young man asked. ‘By making bad ones,’ the old man replied. Once you discover your gift and identify your dream — get on your mark, get set, go! Stop waiting for opportunity. You have what it takes to scale the heights of success, just go for it. There are people in life who keep complaining that they never gave me an opportunity. It’s not really being given an opportunity it’s also about creating them for your own good. We are all faced with opportunities’ in life day in and day out.

Opportunity is the breath in your body and the strength of your mind. If you use your God-given gifts wisely, there’s no telling what you can do. But you must be a ‘doer’! God does not give us wealth — He gives us the power to get wealth. There’s a big difference. Too many of us sit down and wait for Him to drop everything into our lap. A dream without corresponding action only aggravates the soul and amounts to nothing. God will give you the power to succeed (Deutronomy 8:18), but you have to take it, develop a plan, and work at it ok?

Peace and Love

JTC Chairman

Herbert Mtowo





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