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Mastering communication Апрель 12, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

Mastering communication


The average couple spends about 37 minutes a week in meaningful communication. They spend five times more each day watching television! No wonder we’re in trouble! Like anything else, good communication doesn’t just happen; it must be developed and that takes time and effort.

You want to communicate better? Here’s how:

1. Build platforms for communication. Be creative. Take walks together as a family. Call your partner during the day. Try to meet for lunch once a week. Drive the kids to soccer practice so you can talk to them. Communication can happen anywhere

2. Control communication killers. TVs and phones are the chief culprits. Restrict the time you give them and you’ll be amazed how much more time you’ll have together.

3. Encourage honesty and transparency. Differences of opinion are healthy and normal in any family. Encourage every member to speak his or her mind, and, when they do, don’t criticize or retaliate.

4. Adopt a positive communication style. Be conscious of the way you interact with your family. You may unwittingly have adopted a style that stifles communication.

The fastest way to do this is to:

A. Retaliate; that has a degrading effect

B. Dominate; that has an intimidating effect

c. Isolate; go off in a huff; that has a frustrating effect. Instead, cooperate; that has an encouraging effect.

If you’re in the habit of using any communication style other than a cooperative one, start working immediately to change it. You’ll have to if you want to build a good with your wokers, teammates, people around your life and relationship with your family.



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