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Getting Connected and cooperating Апрель 19, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

Get connected and cooperate


Internet and modern day technology has created a great platform to do business, fellowship, make friends etc you name it. But the sad thing in our generation is that this global village that has been created for the good others haven’t been able to seize it and maximize it to the fullest. I firmly believe that facebook and many other social networks are not being fully utilized because very few have comprehended the connecting and networking aspect.

But the big worry is do we all see how business has been brought right to our doorsteps through these social networks. In Tunisia and Egypt internet was the result of a great revolution, that shaped the destiny not only of a people, country, but of millions on people and generations to come. The gospel is easily propagated now through these and many social networks; business` deals have been clinched, lives have been inspired, transformed through the power or the pen. History will record that facebook and Google were in the forefront of a revolution in Tunisia and Egypt, these were bread and butter issues, destiny was at stake and the response was overwhelming. Others quickly dismiss social internet networks are platforms for getting more and more women, I beg to differ though. For me as a public speaker, counselor, author and poet doors have flung open far and beyond in almost every country on the planet. But the key is to see what others aren’t seeing and get what others are afraid to get. Believe you me we all need each other, other have found real genuine lasting love, though other have been heartbroken several times in the name of love. What will your legacy be on facebook and other networks when you are gone? This is sobering, think and reconsider.

My encouragement to you all is to see beyond what everybody else is seeing, and tap into your destiny, there are great and wonderful people on these social networks, though the sad part is almost everybody seems to be hunting for a Mr. Right and Mrs. Right on these networks, and thousand have been disappointed on these networks when it comes to love. I guess the reason for disappointments we have too many crooks and hypocrites parading as potential husbands and wives, though there are some few genuine on these networks. But honestly we can’t make love our only reason for being on these networks, there is more to all than love. There are people great poets, great orators, authors, gifted people I have met and have quality relationships with now, we are iron being brought into one pot to sharpen each other for better and maximum influence and impact. Don’t get lost in your own island of isolation, get connected and learn from other, the skills to take you to your next phase .Check this down here:

Andrew Carnegie said, ‘It marks a big step in your development when you realize that other people can help you do a better job than you can do by yourself.’ (After all, you can’t whistle a symphony; it takes an orchestra!) Your future is connected to certain people. Without them, your destiny will be incomplete. If you’re humble enough to accept that, your possibilities are unlimited.

A key player in the Billy Graham Association was his childhood friend, Grady Wilson. In 1948, Billy asked Grady to come and work with him. At first he said no. But Billy persisted: ‘God’s told me you’re to come and work with me. I need an evangelist; somebody who knows me and my ministry, somebody I can trust.’ ‘I didn’t want to come,’ Wilson later recalled. ‘After all, I already had a successful ministry of my own holding citywide crusades.’ But after praying, he made the decision to follow Billy Graham (and God). He set aside his own dreams to be part of another man’s. That decision made a huge difference, not only in his life but also in the lives of the multitudes they reached together. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a smaller dream in order to fulfill a bigger one. It takes both courage and humility to do that. But look at the results. Heaven alone knows the impact Grady Wilson and Billy Graham had together. And what was Wilson’s view on his decision? ‘I never regretted it!’

I am better today, because of the thousands of friendships and relationships that I have made and continue to make and have constantly on the many networks. And there are great people with great talents, potential than ever imagined. And like Grady Wilson, I have never regretted not once on being connected to people on these networks. Get in touch inbox me, email us and let’s get connected, we can become the most formidable team ever on planet earth and achieve our goals.

Peace and Love to you all.

JTC Chairman

Herbert Mtowo




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