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Sexual dysfunctions and remedies. Part 1. 7 июня, 2011

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Sexual dysfunctions and remedies. Part 1.

As I traveled the streets of Randfontein in South Africa sometime late last year, I met several people both men and women with fliers and brochures’ with several names of self made Doctors of love , with so many proposed remedies for sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunctions’, premature ejaculations, penis size enlargements. Interestingly these aren’t confided to the streets of Randfontein, I discovered it’s all over not only South Africa but the entire African continent and the world at Large. In the land of the brave there is lots of them in one weekly popular newspaper, and they seem to offer the same prescriptions as the many I have met in Pretoria, and several cities in the world. A lady walked to me with one of these fliers to me, and I spoke to her in isiZulu, that madam am fine I don’t need any remedy, she stood akimbo and looked at me surprisingly because almost every man who passed by picked up one and even some women picked up some am sure for the men in their lives.

Sad to say this is an issue I feel has not been given much attention, but it is one of the major causes of relational breakdowns, both amongst Christians and unbelievers alike. It’s something both men and women must agree to tackle head on as we try to put a stop to extra marital relationships, sugar mummies and sugar dads. This I have realized that most men are very careless about their choice of foods and don’t even bother to check if the food they consume is good for their bodies. So in the next coming articles am going to take you through to the dangers of not eating well and choosing the right foods.

It’s a topic which am not a master at but one which I have wisely and am widely researched and have keen interest in being a counselor and an HIV/AIDS consultant, it is important for me to have a say on this topic which many would dare not tread on unless they are labeled. But this I emphasize I do not at all promote multiple partners, I am one man who believes in faithfulness and abstinence of which I think these two haven’t been given much publicity as condomising. I am a man who still believes that its not macho to have multiple sexual partners and one won’t die if they aren’t involved in sexual activities,

I grew up in an African environment where eating lots of salt was encouraged to men and even young men, to boost their sexual performance. And most men strongly believe that lots of salt and fat are good for their sexual performance, unfortunately it does more harm than good. Such sexual problems like erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, etc all have got to do with poor eating habits. And the self made Doctors on the streets are cashing on that, because they know there is a problem, even though they know that their prescriptions’ have long-term side effects which even worsen the situation later. Men must wake up now and take full control of their destinies and know what gets into their mouth all in the name of good food, as much as the women in their lives must also be responsible in making sure their men eat healthy to address this problem.


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