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How to avoid cheating. Июнь 28, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

How to avoid cheating.

Do you struggle with thoughts about being unfaithful? Have you noticed that regardless of the subject matter of most articles or advertisement there is a model pictured with more skin than clothing showing? Perhaps you have been struggling in your relationship and find yourself looking at stuff you shouldn’t be looking at or clicking on websites or emails you shouldn’t be opening.

What have you been doing to keep yourself from being unfaithful? Is it because you are so devoted to your significant other or has the right opportunity not presented itself? It’s admirable in the times that we live in to be able to truthfully say «I’ve never cheated on my partner.» It’s even more impressive to say «I had the chance to have an affair but chose to honor and respect my partner and avoided committing adultery.

One thing that I know I don’t have to tell you and that is that many devoted men and women have fallen into pit of adultery and ruined what was thought to be a good relationship. This is a clear reminder that just because a relationship appears to be on solid ground it doesn’t mean that it’s safe from infidelity.

So how do you stay away from committing adultery and breaking the heart and trust of your partner and family? I think at times we make it seem more complicated than it really is and that’s done to try to understand and justify why it happens.

Don’t convince yourself that it’s ok to have an affair because of the following lame excuses;

  • I deserve to be happy — yes you do but the world doesn’t revolve around you. Your partner deserves to be happy also. Do you think your partner finding out that you slept with another person will bring joy to the soul? For starters, by sleeping with someone else you automatically put your partner at risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. So please don’t fool yourself into thinking that sorrow and pain should be accepted so that you can be happy.
  • Our relationship is going nowhere — Although this might be a true assessment of your relationship how is committing adultery going to help it move forward. If your goal is to end the relationship, why not take the adult route and discuss it and communicate your plans to seek love elsewhere?
  • I have a strong sexual appetite — unless you are being rejected by your partner and have communicated your frustrations and needs to your partner, please put your hormones in check. Take a shower, run on a treadmill or take a yoga class. Don’t confuse wanting to sleep with other people as having a strong appetite.

How to avoid cheating.

  • Make sure you don’t advertise that you are available for an intimate relationship. There are many folks out there who don’t believe in or care about monogamous relationships. There are others who would be happy to break-up your relationship. What these folks look for is a sign from you that you are open for adultery. Don’t make comments, gestures, or make physical contact with others signaling your availability. Don’t give back rubs or accept massages. Don’t make comments or jokes about sleeping with someone else. Only let wholesome talk come out of your mouth and the same goes with your tweets and Face book postings.
  • Continue to work on your relationship — one of the best preventative steps you can take to avoid adultery is building a strong bond with your partner. This might offend some folks but if you love your partner enough, I believe you will find the strength and courage to avoid being unfaithful. It’s when the relationship is frail that you find reasons and justification to cheat.

Protect your mind from fantasizing about cheating — If you are constantly viewing images of sexy folks doing sexy things and see yourself doing the same thing with one of these sexy folks, guess what? The more you think about it and dream about and lust about it the closer you will be to fulfilling your fantasy. You can’t keep playing with fire and not expect to get burned. You are not strong enough to control your emotions or urges so avoid putting yourself in this position. How, clearly if you or your spouse or partner is flirting with infidelity, it’s vital that you work on strengthening your relationship so that you can withstand the temptations of committing adultery. None of us are perfect and we all can use a little relationship help from time to time. If that’s where you are at this time, you can find some help here about restoring relationships.





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