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Naviagting through. Октябрь 2, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

  • The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants in life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it’s possible

    David Viscott

    We form many of the beliefs without being aware of having formed them. We adopt them from our parents, teachers, circumstances, observations and imagination. If we look into them and the time when we adopted them, we’ll find that at the time we were young, with a different mindset, in different circumstances and with less knowledge. It may have been in a different culture or a different financial situation.

    Some of our beliefs are so strong that we don’t notice other roads, which could set us free. To explain what I mean, I’ll tell you a story (I love telling stories):

    The Little Elephant

    One day, a boy went to the circus with his father and saw a huge elephant tied to a tiny stake with a rope.

    “Daddy”, asked the boy, “This Elephant is so big and strong and the stake is so small and short, he could set himself free just by taking two steps to the side. Why doesn’t he do it?”

    And his father said, “My son, when this elephant was very small, just a baby, he did try to break away from this stake, but he wasn’t strong enough. He tried and tried for months, until he finally gave up, believing that it is impossible to break free. Now, he doesn’t try anymore, because he doesn’t believe it’s possible. We are the same, my son. Many things happen to us at childhood, which we try to change, but then stop trying. Many of us are still tied with ropes to tiny stakes, just like this big elephant”.

    I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Well, does it mean we have to try again and again? When do we learn that certain things are simply impossible and shift our energy to other things?” The answer to that is “Never! As long as something is important to you, it’s possible and you should try to get it again and again”.

    You see, Thomas Edison tried 1,500 different types of wire to use on the light bulb. 1,500! Do you understand that if Edison thought like us, we would never have light? In a sense, if we don’t think like Edison, we stay in the dark.


    Success is determined by those who prove the impossible possible

    — James W. Pence

    In coaching, we learn to examine our belief systems. We learn to review our beliefs and leave only the ones that are good for us to have. We learn to revise them to suit our new age, culture, role, circumstances and mindset. In other words, we bring our beliefs up to date. We learn to choose the roads of acceptance, love and motivation, roads that are easy to navigate, where happiness is part of our daily life. We choose roads full of light!

    May the light shine on you and may you find your way even in the darkest moments

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