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MYSTERY OF LOVE !!!!! Декабрь 18, 2011

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Today's Devotional.

Falling in love is a true mystery. We so often fall in love with someone who is not our type or someone whom we never thought we’d fall for, but these things happen every day and we wonder how did this happen. It really is an unexpected feeling when we realize that we have fallen in love.


Maybe through our interactions with the other, we are molded to become more understanding of each other, more appreciative of each other, and therefore we become perfect for each other. No one can deny the influence that our lovers have over us, and the impact they have in shaping our views, perspectives and opinions.


Mysteries are not meant to be understood, rather they are meant to be endured, lived and enjoyed so we would become someone better than we already are. Mysteries were never meant to be solved. They are about transforming us through love. They are about witnessing the miracle and feeling grateful for its presence without the need for understanding and analyzing.


It’s about simply being in this state of love, where everything makes sense without the need for further explanation. It’ about looking deeply in the person you love’s eyes and seeing that miracle manifest itself in your daily lives, as you express your true loving emotions to each other and act upon them. Love is the energy that runs this world behind the scenes, transforming loves all around the globe. We don’t need to question it or doubt it, but we need to be grateful and thankful for its presence in our lives.





1. desireunleashed - Декабрь 27, 2011

Wow… so true. Love is so explainable… and mysterious. It is good. I miss it.

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