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Keep on keeping on! Январь 3, 2012

Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Inspirational.

By Herbert Mtowo

Ever feel like throwing in the towel?
Most folks feel that way at times. Maybe you’ve worked, fretted, and given yourself to a relationship, a job, or a cause that doesn’t go your way. You are caught between conflicting desires; you feel like giving up on the good things, the right things, even as you hold onto the wrong things. Feeling like giving up is a universal human experience, even for Christians! In Romans 7:21, the apostle Paul shares his own experience as he struggles to do good even as evil lurks close at hand. Where there is belief, there is doubt. Where there is trust, there is distrust. Where there is obedience, there is disobedience.

Giving up is not in my vocabulary and neither should it be in yours, if you want to live a productive and fulfilling life. Many of us tend to throw our hands up in despair, when we feel we cannot do something or feel it is beyond our control to find a solution to.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said «Our greatest glory is not in ever failing, but in rising up every time we fail».
You can always give up. John 6 finds Jesus telling his disciples the truth about God. In verse 66, some «walked no more with him.» They gave up. They threw in the towel. They quit on Jesus. I can’t help but imagine all kinds of things as Jesus turns to the Twelve, his core group, and asks, «Will you also go away?» And then Simon Peter gives an answer that rings true for all followers of Jesus. He replies, «Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.» There is no one else, there is no place else, if you want eternal life; it’s Jesus or no one. (Acts 4:12)

Still, it’s just so tempting to give up isn’t it? We really feel like giving up on God … on other people, and even on ourselves — giving up the song in our soul, our hopes and dreams, both big and small. I would go so far as to say that there is no failure at all. It is all learning and just provides us with feedback that we have not yet found the solution. We can try something different and believe that we can solve things, instead of giving up.

Life will throw us challenges, unexpected situations and crises. The way forward is to make a firm commitment, that no matter what is happening, giving up is not an option. With that commitment you can solve anything in life, no matter how seemingly unsolvable it appears.

As Winston Churchill reminded us «If you are going through hell, keep going»!
1. Life is not easy but, giving up is only for those who are dying and need to let go to pass over.
Life is about moving forward blossoming and flourishing in the face of adversity.
How do we learn and grow if we are not given things to solve that will stretch us beyond what we believe we are capable of?
There are many times when I feel like giving up. Everything seems to come at once, with so many things to juggle that I do not know where to begin and feel like pulling my hair out. When I get to that point, what I do is sit still!
As Franklin D. Roosevelt said «When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on».
2. Hanging on is the answer. If you will just sit down when things are getting on top of you with a hot drink and just take some time out, you will calm down, be able to think more clearly and find new ways forward.
3. Sometimes, the way forward is to write everything down that is worrying you or that you cannot solve and simply put the piece of paper in a box and hand it over to God. Solutions will come about at the right time.
4. At other times the way forward is to do nothing because there is nothing to do other than get quiet and deal with your own self; the voice that keeps telling you that solutions are needed now or that everything has to be fixed now! Everything will need to wait until you feel better able to deal with it.

The most important thing is not giving up on you. There is always a hand waiting to take yours, if you will only ask. You are important and without you, the world would be a sadder place. One more light would be extinguished and who would be there to motivate someone else to keep going

Let me tell you a story. I have had a lifelong fascination and deep abiding interest in public speaking and writing. One of my dreams was to be a world renowned writer and public speaker. I especially wanted to be a script writer, motivational speaker, but my educational background had nothing to do with any of these, professionally I had studied something totally different all together. To be a public speaker, author and communications guru isn’t an easy thing to become, the right skills, and a lot of patience plays a major role. As a kid, writing poems and reading were so much in me then, but it took me a whole of coming out of the shell as I grew up because I was the kind of a shy kid. After trying, it seemed impossible, so I contemplated giving up.

I was about to give up for good when something indescribable happened.
Years later in High School I stumbled on the confidence in me and began to believe in the writing/poetry skills in me and with my English teacher Mrs. Kathradah cheering me all the way I began to see my star shine and my flower blossom beyond my wildest imaginations. My old public speaking and writing dreams came back in an instant. Dreams can do that sometimes. Writing can be so frustrating and time consuming, I kept waiting for my breaking moment, and it wasn’t something people would envy, public speaking and writing, ain`t that glamorous at all, but I kept my cool and kept on writing and with nobody pushing me through I was almost giving up and wondering is it really who I am meant to be or want to be.

But I made up my mind to keep trying and to stay put and hold on, I tried again and again. And nothing seemed to be opening up. The longer it took, the madder I got, the harder I tried. Years later, my head loaded, my eyes were blinded by years of sleepless nights, and my body was bloody from a misplaced efforts so I thought, I was about to give up for good when something indescribable happened. I stumbled over, picked it up and with deep primitive joy began making the first of many several writing materials, articles, and motivational manuals, and my books are set to be published lots of them I have. Soon I will be letting go the consultancy filed and lifestyle, I had become so accustomed to doing and do my long cherished dream of being a public speaker, motivational speaker, author and inspire millions of people all over the world, I hear and see the world beckoning me to come the stage is set and ready. Now it’s easy, now it’s fun. Now there’s nothin’ to it. I know beyond the shadow any doubt that there is a massive audience out there waiting for me, so hear it form pursue your dreams and until they beg for mercy be relentless.

Don’t give up!

Don’t give up on the God who seems so distant. He has not given up on you. Don’t give up on people even though you’ve had some bad experiences. Don’t give up on the song in your soul just because the chaos of your life or the hurt in your heart temporarily drowns out its melody. Jesus has, and IS, the Word of Life.
Your breaking point waits … just keep striking the stone … and don’t give up.



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