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Posted by Herbert Masthobane in Inspirational.

Life is all about making choices. You choose how to behave, what to eat, how to live and who to be friends with.God has left the power of choices entirely to us and we are never to blame nobody for who we are to day or who we become tomorow.

Sometimes you have to make some big decisions that have will a huge impact on your life. This is when the fear can kick in. If I choose this path what will happen? Will I have regrets later on? Are there any better options?Sometimes the range of choice is too big. It overwhelms and pushes you into inactivity. You lose focus and either start to drift between performing inconsequential acts, persistently procrastinate any decision making, start looking for excuses or obstacles or end up doing nothing at all.

I am a firm beliver in the liberty and power of choices in life,that one has to be accountable for ther choices and decisions and that for us to become,that we must work and focus on greatness but we are not to rush. For if we are shallow and unprepared people will not seek our advise. If we are boastful others will not seek your advise and in fact likely avoid you.I believe that in lifewe can become great by reading, understanding life’s experiences, thinking and through your actions. Wisdom is in fact earned and gained through experience. No one is born with wisdom. The key is that we are truly judged by our actions. Words are just that. Words unless supported by actions.

Also, indecisive people are usually easily influenced by the opinion of others. When you live your life according to the opinions of others, you will not express your own desires and successfully complete whatever you want to achieve. The world loves a decisive person. Those who make decisions quickly and know what they want usually get it.

I am a person who loves challenges, who loves learning new things and who is also quite stubborn when I want something. Often when I try to get into a meaningful idea that I think is valuable and helpful to me, I have been faced with opposition, people who discourage me from my intent, whether it be family, friends or acquaintances. I met my greatest resistance when I decided to follow my dream as a public speaker,author and life coach It was not a hasty decision based on a life crisis, but one that laid dormant for a long time. I love and have loved public speaking,writting and coaching kids and teengers into greatness and simply waited for the right opportunity to bring this desire back into focus.

There is a book “The Secret” which is perhaps the most widely read book of the past decade. “The Secret” is in fact about the power of attraction. Each chapter in the book is written by experts in the fields of the law of attraction and the power of thought. The books purpose was really to bringing about what you dream about and think about. This all makes perfect sense. For example it is unlikely we do not end up as a doctors if we dreamed or envisioned being a fireman. This I believe is all gained through a thought that became planted in our minds. How good we become at it, is how well we thought it through. That what we visualized in our mind does in fact become reality. Lets call this thought, the seed. From there it grows. However we must fertilize the seed with thoughts of completion. I believe the teachings in “The Secret” to be actual fact. The thoughts that we truly believe will become truths. This can all take place no matter if your rich or poor. The first step toward greatness starts with a clear vision.

A dream is just a dream if you do not act upon it. I believe this to be the most important part that many of the authors left out of “the Secret”. It is critical to your success that you remove all doubt that it can be achieved. For if you doubt your thoughts, you are not committed to achieve it. You must fill your mind with positive thought. Thoughts that will carry your dreams and aspirations to reality. Greatness does not fall out of the sky. The eureka moment will appear because you brought that action toward you. The eureka moment is really a crystallization of what you believed would happen. The eureka moment becomes the proof that you can bring about, what you think about.

This thought process can be hard to grasp when your stuck in the dreaming stage. You must narrow down your thoughts to small details. Dreams are really what we wish for. A wish is just that. A wish.There is now fast and easy way to achieve greatness just like there is no Silver Bullet. Success in becoming great comes after you take the thought from your mind into acting it out in real life. From the Morning and Evening Thoughts of James Allen’s book “As a Man thinketh”. “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. A person becomes calm in the measure that they understand ones self as a though evolved being.”

To become great you must believe you are in fact, great. This is accomplished from starting with a positive attitude. However, it is from deep thought and a true belief that you will achieve greatness that you will in fact, achieve greatness.If you worry that once you have made a decision there is no going back think about what you have to lose if you do nothing – but remember doing nothing is an option that should be considered too!



1. MakeSomethingMondays - Январь 5, 2012

I love this!

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