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THE POWER OF ONE 26 декабря, 2011

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John Grace

John Grace

«Therefore, as sin came into the world through one man, and  death as the  result of sin, so death spread to all men, because all men  sinned»  (Romans 5:12).

Wow! ONE  man disdains God’s command, and, as a result, it mushrooms  into global  apostasy. Hard to fathom that by the act of just one man,  all men have  been affected. However, the fact that this one happens to  be the very  First man, from whom all others will descend clarifies it  some. His  direct rebellion of God’s ONLY restriction, led to death for  that was  God’s prearranged condition. Adam knew this, but deliberately  disobeyed  anyway. Through his genetic bloodline (from which all humans  sprang)  the plague of sin, and its ensuing result of death, spread. Not  simply  because Adam sinned, but because that one act changed Adam’s  nature. He  was now endowed with what we refer to as the «sin nature». By  virtue  of that genetic mutation, everyone born thereafter is born with  the  same defect, thus all men are cursed to die. This ostensibly   irreversible judgment does have one escape clause, but men have   continually rejected it. Men are not accounted guilty for what they  are  not aware is evil (Romans 5:13), but death was  still in play for all.  God is able, though, to hold ALL men accountable  because He has made  these things known to men incontrovertibly. Psalm 19:1-4 tells us that  the very creation of God declares His glory, and that  throughout ALL the  world. They declare of His eternal power and  divinity, making visible  to man God’s invisible nature. Paul states  that because of this all men  are «without excuse (altogether without  any defense or justification)»  (Romans 1:20-21). Moreover, God has personally declared Himself to all  the general revelation of Himself to men’s inner consciousness.

The true sting of sin (and death as a result), is not the act itself,  but the heart BEHIND the act. Sin is a deliberate act of repressing and  hindering the  revealed truth of God. It’s taking what one knows of Him  and refusing  to acknowledge that truth as such. The element of  ingratitude also  enters into the equation. Worse yet, men decide that  rejection  and ingratitude aren’t enough! Harboring umbrage in their  hearts, they  seek to vehemently oppugn God by taking His creation and  making THOSE  things their gods! What a slap in the face of the Almighty!  However,  this has become their destruction. In choosing to revolt  against Him  they degenerated into fools, darkened their hearts, and were  shut out  from God.

They did not want God, so God abandoned them to  their own lusts. So  men degraded, feeding themselves on the disease of  sin, and dying as a  result. Men did not approve of God, see fit to  acknowledge Him, nor did  they consider Him even WORTH knowing. So, men  became more and more  perverse. Ever wonder why God ALLOWS evil and  suffering? Here’s the  answer. That is what happens when men choose to  reject God. They get a  world where His loving power is withheld. He has  given men what they  desired. We have no right to blame Him for the  horrid results. We live  in a world of our own choosing. We have now  become «filled (permeated,  saturated) with every kind of  unrighteousness, iniquity, grasping and  covetous greed, and  malice…without understanding, conscienceless and  faithless, heartless  and loveless and merciless» (Romans 1:29-31).  Beginning with the disobedience of just one man, the cancer of sin  has  spread to all men. Death has reigned over all men as its inevitable,   God-ordained result. God has abandoned us to our desires and we will   all perish as a result. God’s law is firm and the curse is irreversible.

Or is it……?!?

The disobedience of one man (Adam) led to death, and through Adam, all   men died. Sin has left a heavy toll upon mankind. Through Adam we have   inherited a sin-nature (i.e. the propensity to sin), the eviction of  man  from God’s intimate presence, and the curse of death. The plague  has  swept across the planet and infected everyone and everything. We  have  chosen autonomy and rejected God’s divine authority. God, in turn,  has  abandoned us to our own perverse desires. We have sold our souls  to sin  and become its slave, with death eternal as our only reward (Romans  6:23a; Ephesians 2:1-3). What an awful tragedy. So, now, what if one  should decide that one no longer desires this captivity? Is  man doomed  eternally? Is all hope gone? Has God forever abandoned His  creation to  this vile lot? Is there no way to escape from this  damnation? Truly we  can cry with the Apostle, «O unhappy and  pitiable and wretched man that I  am! Who will release me from (the  shackles of) this body of death?»  (Romans 7:24). Indeed, how shall we be delivered from this  «irreversible» judgment?

«Well then, as one man’s (Adam) trespass (one man’s false step and   falling away led) to condemnation for all men, so one Man’s act of   righteousness (leads) to acquittal and right standing with God and life   for all men. For just as by one man’s disobedience the many were   constituted sinners, so by one Man’s obedience the many will be   constituted righteous (made acceptable to God, brought into right   standing with Him)» (Romans 5:18-19).

Really?!? Just like  that? A locum tremens (substitute) to bear our  punishment, the  wrath  due to us for our unrighteousness? One Man’s  sacrifice on account of  all mens’ sin is sufficient to revoke the  sentence of death that is  upon us all?!?  A free pass from death and  eternal judgment?!?  Yes! «For if because of one man’s trespass (lapse,  offense) death reigned  through that one, much more surely will those who  receive (God’s)  overflowing grace (unmerited favor) and the FREE GIFT  of righteousness  reign as kings in life through the one Man Jesus  Christ» (Romans 5:17).

You may be asking, «But why? Why would He do that»? Simply because He  loves us and His mercy is so amazingly great toward us. Listen: «But  God shows and clearly proves His love for us by the fact that WHILE WE  WERE YET SINNERS, Christ Jesus died for us» (Romans 5:8). And again,  «But  God-so rich is He in His mercy! Because of and in order to satisfy  the  great and wonderful and intense love with which He loved us, even  when  we were dead by our own shortcomings and trespasses, He made us  alive  together in fellowship and in union with Christ; it is by grace  (His  favor and mercy which you did not deserve) that you are saved   (delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation)»   (Ephesians 2:4-5).

The power of one. One man’s  disobedience led to sin, death, and  judgment. The power of One. One  Man’s obedience reverses the destruction  of the first, giving  righteousness, life, and liberty to those formerly  bound. I lament the  power of one (Adam). I praise the power of The One  (Jesus). Now, thanks  to His obedience and substitutionary sacrifice, I  can say «There  is no longer any condemnation (no adjudging guilty of  wrong) for those  who are in Christ jesus. For the law of the Spirit of  life (which is  in Christ Jesus) has freed me from the the law of sin and  death» (Romans 8:1-2).

Amen and may the Lord be praised forever and glorified in us!!

~Brother John Grace~

Mark 1:12-13 — Jesus in the Wilderness 30 августа, 2011

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 John Mark Hicks

John Mark Hicks

Sink or swim? Sound familiar? Some learned to swim by a parent throwing them into the pool. Perhaps that is not a good idea, but it appears analogous to what God did with Jesus…or maybe not.
Rising from the waters of baptism, Jesus is anointed with the Holy Spirit. The Father affirms him, loves him, and expresses his pure delight in him. And, then….

“immediately the Spirit throws him out into the desert” (Mark 1:12, my translation).
No waiting. No down-time. No pampering. Jesus went “immediately” into wilderness bootcamp.

Indeed, the Spirit of God drove him there. ”Sent” is too watered-down for the Greek verb here (éκβáλλει). It is mostly used in Mark for casting out demons (Mark 1:34, 39; 3:15, 23, and many other places), but also for tearing/plucking out an eye if it cause offense (Mark 9:47) and expelling someone from a place (Mark 12:8), including the money-changers from the temple (Mark 11:15). It has forceful overtones. Jesus is thrown or driven into the wilderness.

What was the purpose of this experience, of this “thrownness”? Given Mark’s theological purpose to locate Jesus in the history of Israel–Jesus is the suffering servant (a new Moses) who will lead Israel out of exile into abundance–we might find help in the story of Israel’s wilderness sojourn. Mark has already interpreted John’s ministry as one that belongs to the New Exodus (earlier quoting Isaiah 40). Jesus has passed through the water, just as Israel passed through the sea, and just as they spent 40 years in the Sinai wilderness, so Jesus spends 40 days in the Judean wilderness.

We can see the meaning of the wilderness experience for those who entered the promised land with the help of Deuteronomy 8–a text that Jesus quotes in the wilderness, according to Matthew and Luke. The text describes Israel’s experience as a testing, humbling and discipling one. Israel was tested to reveal what is in their hearts. They were humbled in their dependence upon God. They were discipled in the wilderness.

This, I think, is the meaning of the wilderness for Jesus….and for us. Jesus is tested in an hostile environment–Satan is present as well as wild animals. Only Mark mentions the wild animals which probably reflects not only the hostility of the environment but also connects with Mark’s Roman readers who themselves would endure wild beasts in their own testing (persecution). Jesus is tested, humbled and discipled in the wilderness.

And so are we. Mark’s Roman readers probably saw themselves in this same situation–persecution was their wilderness. That wilderness continues for many Christians across the globe today, but there are also many different kinds of wilderness experiences. Those experiences test us as they reveal our hearts, they humble us as we recognize our powerlessness and dependency on God, and they disciple us as they train us for the mission of God.

And, yet, we are not abandoned in the wilderness. We are not left alone. Angels ministered to Jesus, and they minister to us as well (cf. Hebrews 1:14). God is present with us in the wilderness and that presence strengthens us and empowers us to endure the wilderness.

The wilderness story of Israel is also Jesus’s story, and Jesus’ story is our story. Just as we followed Jesus into the water, so we follow him into the wilderness….or perhaps, God will throw us out into the wilderness if we don’t follow him there. And God will be there, too.

If God “throws” us into the water, he does not idly watch us struggle. On the contrary God joins us in the pool and helps us swim to safety.

пять китов финансового успеха или как стать спонсором Божьих программ на земле 1 февраля, 2011

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Макаренко Дмитрий г. Першотравенск Украина

Макаренко Дмитрий г. Першотравенск Украина

Успех – это слово может вмещать в себя множество ингредиентов. Лично я, говоря об успехе, подразумеваю под этим понятием не только финансовую стабильность. Когда человек исцеляется от болезни – несомненно, это успех. Если человек построил счастливую семью – это большой успех. Человек добился экономической независимости – да, это успех. Если человек научился радоваться 24 часа в сутки – это успех.

Существует ряд законов и принципов, могущих помочь человеку придти к успеху. В частности, Бог установил законы для финансового процветания. И каким бы добрым ты не был, если ты будешь его игнорировать, из-за доброты не становятся богатыми. Из-за того что ты много молишься и выучил Библию, ты не станешь богатым. Ты сможешь быть учителем и наставником, сможешь привести кого-то в такой же уровень духовности. Но если ты не знаешь законов о финансах, о движении и умножении денег, то все твои познания Библии не помогут тебе в сфере финансов. Поэтому нам нужно изучить как закон семьи, так и закон служения, как закон исцеления болезней, так и закон финансов.

Первое условие, необходимое для финансового процветания – это сильное желание.

Если человек не имеет желания процветать, он не придет к процветанию. Я знаю, что далеко не все люди по-настоящему хотят быть богатыми, потому что богатство – это ответственность. Особенно если ты верующий, потому что богатство может разрушить человека.

Чтобы стать процветающим человеком, нужно взять ответственность за то, чтобы помогать тем, кто не богат. Многие люди сегодня находятся за бортом, выживая за чертой бедности. И если мы – христиане – будем продолжать жить в нищете, эти люди промучаются на земле, а потом полетят в ад. Некоторые люди не смогут услышать Евангелие, если мы им не послужим, если мы их не накормим и не оденем. Библия говорит: «Если брат или сестра наги и не имеют дневного пропитания, а кто-нибудь из вас скажет им: «идите с миром, грейтесь и питайтесь», но не даст им потребного для тела: что пользы?» (Иаков.2:15,16). Ты можешь возразить на это: «Но у меня и у самого ничего нет». Если у тебя есть понимание закона о процветании, это уже много. Вопрос в том, хочешь ли ты стать процветающим человеком, чтобы все, что имеешь, принести к ногам Иисуса Христа на утверждение Его Царства на земле.

Итак, первое – это желание. Процветания нужно сильно захотеть. Если я не хочу быть богатым – я не буду богатым. Если я не хочу быть успешным – я не буду успешным. Если я не хочу быть служителем Иисуса Христа – я им не буду. Отсутствие желания – это страшный диагноз. Человеку с таким диагнозом сложно помочь. И наоборот, имеющееся сильное желание может быть очень сильным двигателем событий вокруг тебя.

Второе, что предшествует процветанию – это вера.

Библия говорит: «Вера же есть осуществление ожидаемого и уверенность в невидимом» (Евр.11:1). Мало захотеть быть процветающим человеком. Большинство людей этого мира хотят быть богатыми, но этого мало. Ты должен иметь твердую уверенность, что Бог хочет открыть перед тобой двери процветания. Если такой уверенности нет, значит, твоя внутренность разделилась сама в себе: одна половина хочет быть богатой, а вторая сомневается, стоит ли. А если ты сомневаешься, ты ничего не сможешь получить от Бога. Поэтому наша вера должна быть целостной, ведь Господь сказал: «но чтобы помнил Господа, Бога твоего, ибо Он дает тебе силу приобретать богатство, дабы исполнить, как ныне, завет Свой, который Он клятвою утвердил отцам твоим» (Втор.8:18).

Вера наполовину состоит из уверенности в невидимом. Твоя вера – это знать четкий ответ на три вопроса о процветании. Первое, что ты должен знать: почему я должен быть богатым. Второе: каким образом я должен стать богатым. И третье: для чего я должен стать богатым. Если у меня есть ответы на эти три вопроса, значит, я в вере и Бог со мной.

Почему я должен стать процветающим человеком? Я должен прочитать это в Библии, и в молитве Богу сказать: «Ты сказал в Своем Слове, что обилие и богатство в доме праведника (Пс.111:3). Ты сказал, что мы обогатились нищетой Иисуса (2Кор.8:9). Ты сказал, что силен обогатить меня всякой благодатью, чтобы я, имея во всем довольство, был богат на всякое доброе дело (2Кор.9:8). Ты сказал, что служащие жертвеннику берут долю от жертвенника (1Кор.9:13). Ты сказал, что даешь силу приобретать богатство (Втор.8:18). Ты сказал, что праведник оставляет наследство даже своим внукам (Прит.13:23)». Я знаю, почему я должен процветать – потому что так сказал Бог!

Третья ступень на пути к процветанию – это идея.

Для того чтобы я мог заработать деньги, у меня должна быть идея. Хорошие идеи приходят с неба. У Бога миллион идей как сделать тебя счастливым, а твой бизнес процветающим. Начинай молиться, чтобы уразуметь Его Божественные идеи. Есть идея – это уже что-то. Даже если это утопическая идея, которая никому не нравится.

Я знаю, многие люди не сразу стали популярными, воплотив свои идеи. Есть известная фирма «KRAUSE», которая производит сельскохозяйственную технику. Началась она с того, что один человек рассчитал конструкцию нового плуга. Но в конструкторском бюро ему сказали: «Этот плуг не будет работать!». Он расстроился и закинул чертеж на полку в гараже, где тот валялся еще пять лет. Это был чертеж, который должен был сделать его миллионером и хозяином самой крупной тракторной компании Северной и Южной Америки. Через пять лет, делая уборку, он развернул чертеж еще раз и подумал: «Не может такого быть, что он не будет работать!» И он сам собрал этот механизм, после чего стал самым богатым среди производителей тракторов. Сегодня Северная и Южная Америка работают на тракторах, комбайнах, бульдозерах, косилках, плугах фирмы «KRAUSE». А раньше этот человек был простым трактористом. Изменения пришли в его жизнь после того, как ему в голову пришла всего лишь одна идея. И с тех пор он начал служить своим изобретением примерно одному миллиарду людей.

Четвертая составляющая успеха – это действие.

Любая идея, которая не осуществилась в течение трех дней, умирает. Если ты, получив с неба идею, ничего не предпринял в течение трех дней, ты больше никогда не начнешь ею заниматься. Многие люди приходили ко мне за консультацией, и когда я велел им начинать чем-то заниматься, ничего не предпринимали, и, следовательно, терпели поражение.

Если тебе в голову пришла идея что-то делать – делай. Бог не благословляет пустое место. Женщина, вдова священнослужителя, пришла к Елисею: «Мой муж умер и оставил после себя большие долги. Теперь их требуют с меня и моих сыновей. Что мне делать?» Елисей спросил ее: «Что у тебя есть?» — «У меня есть сосуд с елеем». И Елисей велел ей: «Набери пустых сосудов у соседей и друзей. И пока у тебя будут пустые сосуды, масло будет течь». Точно так же и с финансами. Если у тебя нет никакого сосуда, куда они могли бы попасть: ни бизнеса, ни служения, ни работы, никакой идеи – то куда Богу направлять финансы? Найди пустой сосуд и подставь его Богу, чтобы Бог наполнил. Сосуд – это конкретные действия в направлении конкретной идеи. Я знал людей, которые выдавали миллионы идей. Они так красиво их излагали, что должны были стать миллиардерами. Но прошли годы, а они такие же нищие, как и были.

Пятая составляющая успеха – это правильное отношение к делу.

Один из самых богатых людей Индии – Ратан Тата – сконструировал и выпустил самый дешевый в мире автомобиль. Эта машина – Tata Nano, сошедшая с конвейера, стоит $2500. Только в ней нет вентиляции салона, резиновых уплотнителей дверей и даже багажника. Чем Tata Nano отличается от Mersedes? Они отличаются мелочами. В Mersedes, например, есть такие приятные мелочи, как гидроусилитель, подогрев сидений, кондиционер, большая скорость. Мелочи. Но приятно. И поэтому Mersedes стоит намного дороже, чем Tata Nano.

Неправильное отношение к любому делу выражается, как правило, в каких-то мелочах. А соблюдение мелочей говорит о нашем серьезном отношении к работе, к служению, к бизнесу. Можно привести пример двух разных фирм, которые делают мебель. Но у одних мебель покупают все, а у других – только случайные клиенты. Одни из них учтут каждую мелочь, и даже вложат больше средств, но сделают свою мебель лучше и удобнее. А вторые сэкономят на мелочах. Одни из них при установке мебели подметут мусор и вымоют пол, а потом только позовут хозяев принимать работу. А вторые после своей работы оставят кучу хлама. Это мелочи, но клиенты обязательно это заметят. И в следующий раз сделают заказ у тех, кто имеет серьезное отношение к своему делу.

Чем бы я ни занимался, если я отношусь к своему делу небрежно, не обращая внимания на мелочи, то у меня – Tata Nano, а не Mersedes. А ведь Бог во всем, что делает, придерживается другого принципа. Он был серьезным в Своем творении. Он посмотрел на свет, и увидел, что свет – весьма хорош. А потом Он все-таки нашел тьму и отделил свет от тьмы.

Первое, к чему мы должны иметь серьезное отношение, чтобы иметь успех во всех сферах жизни – это дом Божий и Царство Божье. Я всегда очень серьезно отношусь к такому священнодействию, как десятина. И я постоянно проверяю себя, готов ли я пожертвовать ту или иную сумму, регулярно увеличивая свои пожертвования для Бога. Иногда предательский голос шепчет мне: «Тебе что, больше всех надо? А семья? А ты сам? Поживи для себя!» Но мое сердце всегда горит, чтобы сеять в Царство Божье и распространять его пределы!

THE CORE MESSAGE 31 января, 2011

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Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the Gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, by which also you are saved, if you hold fast the word which I preached to you-unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you first of all that which I received; that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures» (I Corinthians 15:1-4).

«For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes» (Romans 1:16).

«And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in trembling. My speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God» (I Corinthians 2:1-5).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the core message!! We do not have to dress it up, nor enhance it in order to draw souls to God. The Gospel itself is «the power of God unto salvation». It has self-inherent power to convict men of their sins, and awaken them to receive faith unto salvation.

When the Gospel first began to invade the world through the apostles’ preaching, lives were radically changed. So much so that the religious leaders of the day cried out,»These who have turned the world upside down have come here too» (Acts 17:6). Their fear, motivated by satan himself, induced them to seek various methods to disrupt and/or annihilate this «Jesus cult», and their «controversial» message. Soon, men rose up to oppose the apostles, to malign their character, undermine their authority, and introduce subtle differences so as to change the Gospel being preached.

This angered Paul, as well as troubling his heart over those to whom he preached the Gospel. «I fear», he wrote, «that as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you may well put up with it» (II Corinthians 11:2-4).

Paul’s fears were not unfounded. This very thing occurred with the believers in Galatia. Paul wrote, «I marvel that you are so quickly turned away from Him Who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ» (1:6-7).

Sadly, today is no different than then. I fear we also too easily «put up with it», allowing perversions of the blessed Gospel to flourish and spread uncontended. Some of us have been so taken with the cogent persuasions of those who peddle these false gospels, that we fail to notice that we’re being fed lies and heresies. Paul warned Timothy (and so us thereby) that «in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared as with a hot iron» (I Timothy 4:1-2). We are a generation adrift. We have allowed the core message to become lost and diluted, even exchanged for a more «favorable» message. We have been manipulated by the wiles and philosophies of immoral men, who have taken their traditions over the Word of God. We are warned to «beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and vain deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ» (Colossians 2:8). Their success is due in large part to inattention to the truth (Hebrews 2:1), and our willingness to heed silver-tongued preachers who are really devils in disguise.

Paul once preached in this same way. His most popular sermon (in Athens, on Mar’s Hill) was a masterpiece. Yet, it met with utter failure. Why? Paul tried to reason with these men, appealing to them on the basis of human wisdom. The message, while spectacular to the mind, never reached their spirits. Paul left there utterly depressed and left to wonder. This experience left an indelible mark on Paul, and forever changed the way he would share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Entering Corinth, weak and aggrieved, he vowed to never preach using human wisdom again. He would preach the core message of the Gospel, and let that do the work of convicting and redeeming. He would just relay the message and allow God’s Holy Spirit to do the rest.

Despite what anyone may tell you, the Gospel of Jesus is very simple. It is the good news of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection from the dead. By His death He atoned for sin. By His burial ,He buried our past forever, and by His resurrection, conquered death and hell completely. Moreover, He took us with Him. We have been united with Him in both His death and in His resurrection (read Romans 6:1-11). The core message is that we have died to sin and have been raised with Christ to newness of life. Sin has been dealt with and His Spirit has been given to us, empowering us to live righteously. This is the core message!! Let us not be moved away from it. Rather (in the words of St. Paul), «As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving» (Colossians 2:6-7).

And again, «These things command and teach…give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine…Meditate on these things; give yourself completely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine (the core message). Continue in them, for in doing so you will save both yourself and those who hear you» (I Timothy 4:11-16).

Thank you!

~John Grace~

Beware of Self-Righteousness 28 января, 2011

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‘…you who judge others do these very same things.’ Romans 2:1

A woman looked out of her window every morning and commented on the dirty laundry on her neighbour’s line. One day she noticed it was sparkling clean: ‘Maybe she’s using a new detergent,’ she remarked. ‘No,’ said her husband. ‘I got up early and cleaned our windows.’ Hello! When Paul talks about ‘…greed, hate, envy, murder, quarrelling, deception…gossip’ (Romans 1:29 NLT), it’s tempting to think it doesn’t apply to you. Then he says, ‘You are just as bad…you…do these very same things.’ Maybe you’ve never embezzled money, but have you ever short-changed somebody? Or taken an ‘iffy’ tax deduction? How about when you’re stuck in traffic, or you overhear some juicy gossip? Phil Yancey says: ‘Murder and adultery differ from hatred and lust only by degree…Paul reserves his most scathing comments for self-righteous people…A Pharisee of Pharisees, he knew the pattern…the danger that accompanies a feeling of moral superiority. Just as denial keeps you from seeing a doctor about a lump or lesion…denial of sin leads to worse consequences…I accepted a speaking engagement from some Christians involved in Twelve-Step Programmes…As I pondered what to say…it occurred to me that what recovering alcoholics confess daily-personal failure and the need for grace…represent high hurdles for those of us who take pride in independence and self-sufficiency. Romans 3:10 NKJV says, ‘…»There is none righteous…’ and God’s grace is the only solution. It comes free of charge, apart from the law and…human efforts towards self-improvement…we need only hold out open, needy hands-the most difficult gesture for a self-righteous person.’

Ucb booklet

Когда Бог посещает нас 17 декабря, 2010

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Двухуровневые отношения с Богом

Бог только первое в расчет берет? Конечно. Исполняешь заповеди – и благословение в твоей жизни есть.Но этого недостаточно. Потому что Он хочет с тобой лично однажды встретиться.

• И если первый уровень взаимоотношений с Богом типичен для традиционных церквей, то второй уровень типичен для церквей харизматических.

О личных взаимоотношениях с Богом где еще звучат проповеди? Личные взаимоотношения с Богом, личные взаимоотношения с Богом!

В личных взаимоотношениях с Богом есть и свой плюс, и свой минус. Ты можешь иметь личные взаимоотношения с Богом, пережить Его близость, пережить Его любовь, и затем Бог скажет: «А теперь имей не только уважительное отношение к Законодателю, но и уважительное отношение к Моим законам».

Иисус так и говорит: «Если любите Меня, соблюдите Мои заповеди» (Иоан. 14:15).

И как странно получается: Бог хочет, чтобы все эти взаимоотношения у нас были сбалансированы и строились и на том, и на другом.

Личные взаимоотношения с Богом предполагают, что человек придет к Богу и Он ему укажет на Свои законы: «Вот когда будешь их выполнять, наши личные отношения будут углубляться…»

Почему кризис приходит?

В одних церквах законы выполняют, не пьют, не курят, ничего плохого не делают – и скукота! У них законы исполняют, а личных взаимоотношений с Богом нет. Огромный плюс и чуть побольше минус.

У харизматов преобладает чувственная религия. Эмоциональные христиане, мы все живем драйвом, помазанием: «Личное присутствие Бога! Даже если согрешим, будем все равно прощены!»

Но Господь: «Не надо грешить! Соблюдайте Мои законы…»

О чем речь идет? Сейчас ты сам можешь проверить, где у тебя минус, где плюс.

Молодец, если ты имеешь личные взаимоотношения с Богом. Но если ты не будешь уважать Его законы, однажды они зайдут в тупик.

С другой стороны, если ты исполняешь Его законы, но у тебя не будет личных, персональных взаимоотношений с Богом, ты зайдешь в тупик.

• Поэтому полнота веры заключается в том, что мы пропорционально и сбалансировано, на двух уровнях, строим отношения с Богом.

Строим не только на уровне Его законов и заповедей, но и на персональном уровне личных с Ним отношений.

Есть харизматическая обочина и есть обочина традиционных церквей. Можно потерять и там, и здесь. И где-то надо выруливать, чтобы нам быть где-то на середине.

 читать всю проповедь Алексея Ледяева ЗДЕСЬ  

Сайт церкви Новое поколение г. Рига

Finding Happiness 31 августа, 2009

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 by Katrinka Bootsman

«Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf!» (Psalm 67:5)

The «real world» is all around us — and the «real world» is full of THINGS. Stores are filled with things that we are led to believe that we need. Advertising fills our minds with the idea that the more things we have, the happier we will be. I can remember a time when I thought that if I could have a new watch, then I would be happy. I got it and I was happy! But after a while it was just not enough. I really needed the new sport shoes I saw in the market. If I could have those, then I would be completely happy. I got them and I was happy! But after a while it was just not enough. There was the new television that would be all I needed to make me happy. I got it and I was happy! But after a while it was just not enough. I needed a bigger one with more speakers on it to make me happy! And on and on it goes in «the real world» around us. But the truth is that things cannot make us happy. No matter how many things we accumulate, we cannot accumulate happiness with them. Things cannot give our lives fulfillment and happiness, but RELATIONSHIPS can. Our God created the world and all that is in it, but that was not enough to give us the best life. In His love, God gave us the gift of Jesus, the only One who can truly make us happy! «This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.» (I John 4:9-10) Without this amazing gift, you and I could never rise to the heights of life that God wants for me. Things can never take the place of the RELATIONSHIP I can have with my Creator because of His amazing gift to me — Jesus Christ. A right relationship with God and our fellow man is what is important for true happiness. There is a line from a popular song that is very true: «People who need people are the luckiest people in the world!» «Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.» (John 4:11-12) There are times when the fog in our minds clears and we see the true picture of what makes our life happy. There was a man who had his heart set on a new car. He worked hard for it, often leaving his family alone so he could work longer hours to pay for it. Finally the day came when he bought it. Happy? Oh yes, he thought his joy was complete! About a month later, his wife and children died in a house fire. When he had left for work that morning in his new car, he had been relieved to get away from the noise in the house and out to the smooth ride of his new car. Coming home that night to nothing but ashes and silence, it all became very clear to him. His wife and children were gone forever and the car meant nothing anymore. The blessing of having a good RELATIONSHIP with God and man is all-important for happiness. The truth is that THINGS can never fill our empty hearts. LOVE can!

Lovemaking,Sexuality and Foreplay 9 августа, 2009

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Lovemaking, sexuality and foreplay
Herbert Mtowo

I always say to my fellow men that, “The body of a woman is like a musical instrument, it produces sound when picked up to be played.”The quality of the music is not determined by the instrument, but by the player himself. Most men are annoyed by the sound produced by the music not knowing that they determine the music coming out not the instrument. The instrument is just flowing with the way it is played. I have never played a guitar in my life, but if you ask me to play it, it will produce music and sound. But if you get a professional guitar player, you will hear that the sound and quality of music is different. May I put this forward to all men and women, Sex is an art which we are not born knowing. But we have to improve and work on it, to be skilful players so that the quality of music and sound is of great quality and standards.
What type of music are you producing through the instrument, body of the woman in your life, don’t jump to bed with every woman looking for better quality of music, you can make and produce the most beautiful music through that instrument(body),when you master the art of playing and improving your skill, that can be sweet to your ears and your partners Life is very stressful. There are so many things to do, and so little time in which to do them. So when it comes to love making, usually your time is limited. After a full day’s work and perhaps a full evening of responsibilities at home, you are weary.

When you go to bed, your desire for sex is there, but it is getting late. You must get some sleep or you will not be able to wake up in the morning. So what do you do? You rush through your love making and go to sleep. Men are the guiltiest of this. If you are a workaholic then you tend to rush through anything that is not work. So you scoff down your food at meal times and rush back to work. And you rush through your time of love making in the same way. Now as a man you might be able to cope with this. And you probably still enjoy the sex. It does not usually take a man long to reach orgasm. The sight of his naked wife gets his hormones raging, and if he is young and full of energy a few quick strokes will get him there. He falls back satisfied and drifts off to sleep, while his wife lies unfulfilled and frustrated. He did not bother to take the time to consider her feelings or to satisfy her desires. He thinks that he is a good husband, and he probably is a good provider. But he is a fool. He has not only denied his wife the opportunity to enjoy love making, but he has settled for less than he could have had. There seems to be a common idea that most men are crazy about sex and most women are not. This is largely because many women have never been given the chance to enjoy the sexual experience. The truth of the matter is that women are equipped to have a far greater sexual experience than men. A man, once he has reached a climax, cannot continue to enjoy the experience. He would have to wait and start all over again, if he is really energetic. But a woman can have several orgasms one after the other and continue to enjoy the experience even after reaching a climax.

So what is the best way to get the most out of your time of love making? Surely it is for the man to hold back until his wife has reached the same place of arousal as him. And then if he is really considerate, he will encourage her to reach orgasm first, if she desires to do so. For most men this is a difficult thing. When you begin to ‘climb the mountain’ you come to a point where it is all downhill. Once it starts you cannot stop it, and when it is over you cannot start it again. How do you overcome this problem? By the simple use of foreplay. This means bringing your wife to arousal before you complete the sexual act. How is this carried out? Many books have been written on this, and they all major on the physical side You get them in your email box daily. Those advertisements that promise you the best sexual experience you have ever had. For the man an enlargement of his genitals. For the woman an increased sensation to heighten pleasure.

Are there that many impotent and frigid people out there to justify all this of this hype that is made about the sexual experience? Or is this just another way to make people spend their hard earned money? There certainly are those who are unable to enjoy a normal sexual experience because of a physical malfunction, and where such a problem exists, and a doctor prescribes medication to correct this problem, such medication might be advisable. But for the vast majority of us, the truth of the matter is that we are not enjoying the sexual experience the way we should, and we are seeking some way of heightening it.
I teach on some powerful concepts on how to approach your love making to ensure that you obtain the most from the experience. You will find that if you develop your marriage relationship God’s way, then your love making experience will be wonderful, and the idea of taking some pill or cream to make it better will seem ridiculous. Most men need to know how to eat healthy than spend time on aphrodisiac boosters, good food, can improve your sexual performance as a men. Most men need to cut on their fat, sugar, oil, salt and other junk food intake. There is nothing that is a scary as being with a woman who is not getting enough or satisfied because the men is not doing a good job in bed.
You will find that sex is actually a spiritual experience, and the Holy Spirit will gladly become part of this, as you invite Him into your relationship. Sad to say there a millions of women and men who have not had or experienced quality sexual experience, in their lifetime. One of the major cause for divorce rates is infidelity. Why? I can simply put it that we have kept sex a taboo, topic to our detrimental.
Give me feedback on this topic and many others that we are sending to you, or please email or phone us for your feedback and comments or if you want seminars on these and other issues to be presented to a small group or big group.

 At your service,
Herbert Mtowo and the team behind Jordan Touch Communications.


Misunderstandings In relationships/Marriages 7 августа, 2009

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Misunderstandings In relationships and Marriages

Herbert Mtowo

Your fiancée /husband and you are in the same room, but each of you are doing something different. You start talking to him, but he just ignores you.
«You’re so rude!» you think angrily to yourself, and then storm out of the room. «You can’t even have the decency to listen to me!»
Your wife(Annita) is about to go to work early for an important meeting. You kiss her and say good bye, and tell her that you’ll be backing her all the way. Annita walks out, and the next moment the door slams violently.
«What the heck is the matter with her?» you think, shaking your head in disbelief. «What did I do to deserve that?»
Irritations Will Happen
I’m sure you could relate your own version of little things that your spouse or partner has done that have irritated you and made you mad. It happens all the time, but almost always there is a logical explanation for it. You are usually just misreading the whole situation. If you’re a woman going through PMS or having a bad monthly cycle, I’m sure you will have more stories than others to tell. There are times when you are going through this period, your husband looks at you in a funny way or something and you just want to smack him! Take heart! There is a solution to this problem.
The first story about Herbert and Annita. On looking back, I realized that I saw the whole situation completely wrongly!I (Herbert) was at fault because Annita and I weren’t specifically having a time of sharing and communicating. Herbert was busy with something else and his mind was on that particular task. I just casually started talking, without even making eye contact with him so that he could see I wanted to talk. Herbert didn’t deliberately ignore me at all! He simply didn’t hear me, and I took it the wrong way.

In this story, the wife had nothing against her husband. In fact, she was thrilled that he was going to back her and stand with her! However, before she could shut the door herself, a sudden gust of wind did the job for her. This made it look as though she was mad at her husband, and he took it the wrong way too.

These types of incidents happen to every courting or married couple, but I want you to know that you don’t have to be defeated by them! You also certainly don’t have to go round all day feeling depressed and upset and getting all sorts of negative thoughts in your mind about it. Watch out, because someone will try and magnify the problem unless you deal with your own negative thoughts quickly!

Don’t Invite Bitterness In

You see, unfortunately no matter what happens to you, or what your spouse says or does that may upset you, you are responsible, for keeping your heart free of bitterness! Bitterness is such a powerful poison, and you cannot afford to let even a drop of it come into your marriage. If you do,the enemy will take that little drop, and will try and make it look way worse than what it really is! He will try to make you blow things out of proportion. You will begin to believe lies and think that things are really worse than they are.

Then you will do one of two things. You will either continue to seeth in anger for days, or if you get your courage up to confront your spouse about everything, you will blow up at him (or her) like Mount Vesuvius, and make things a whole lot worse too. I sometimes wonder how many separations or divorces have started over a simple, unresolved misunderstanding.

There is another good reason for dealing with your bitterness quickly, and that is if you don’t, you put a negative force on your partner that can be very destructive. Now not only do you have a bad day because you are mad, but because you are not flowing out in love towards your spouse or partner, they have a bad day too! When you look at it like that, it’s rather scary when you think of the consequences of your actions!

So what can you do about this situation now? You’re mad, upset, confused — whatever your emotion is at the time. Don’t let a silly little thing like this ruin your day. It is often not even worth confronting your spouse about. There’s a better way to sort the problem out. What is it? The minute you get angry or upset you need to deal with it right then and there, because if you leave it unattended to, it will begin to boil and bubble up on the inside and give you ulcers and gray hairs. It’s really not worth it.

You may be thinking, «Yes, but what if we have guests or something and he makes me mad by saying something that upsets me?»

That shouldn’t be any problem. Simply excuse yourself if you’re able to and slip away into the bathroom or another room. It will take you two minutes or less to solve! If you simply cannot do that, then whisper quietly under your breath. Whatever you do, try and deal with that anger right away.
Share In Love
When you have dealt with your own negative feelings as I’ve just shared, if you really want to, you can share it with your spouse later on when you come together specifically to talk and share about your day. Now you will be in a much better position to handle it. You won’t come with accusation and nasty words and probably cause a big fight in the process. You will come from the point of view that you had a problem. You will be able to share logically and find out if there really was a problem or simply a misunderstanding.

As I shared earlier, a lot of the time you will not need to even talk about what happened. It’s not worth even bringing it up. Besides, it’s much better to talk about positive things, like your desires, plans and aspirations and future plans together. If however, you feel that you really need to share things with your spouse that you are not happy about, and if it is becoming too much of a problem, then you need to carry out this Biblical principle: «Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.»

This is very important. I just want to remind you of it here though. If you can deal with anything that is negative and is still remaining in you before you go to sleep, then you will have succeeded in diffusing many potential problems in your marriage. Deal with it in love, then forgive one another and literally ‘put it to sleep’. By doing this you will rest well and wake up free of care, and with love in your hearts towards each other.

Let It Go
You blew it, you missed it!
You said some things you shouldn’t have.
You argued and you fought,
And ugly words were said.
Now your mind is trying to play
It’s nasty tricks on you.
You live the hurt and the pain
Again and again!
Give it up, let it go
And leave the past behind.
Give it up, let it go
And give to me that care.
The past is far behind.
Take my hand and walk with me
Into the future!
Whether you are married or just courting, may you and your spouse or partner be richly blessed together today and increase in every good thing, enjoy your partner to the full.

The Value of Good timing 5 августа, 2009

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Herbert Mtowo

The value of timing

You and me are products of the decisions that we make or have made in life.I wish it can be said over and over again,timing is an important skill,or virtue when it comes to determining your tomorrow.They say procrastination is the thief of time.So many people live in regrets over what they could have done,opportunities that they have lost.

We need to be strategically positioned,but above all else we need to very good and sharp when it comes to timing.Am sure we have all heard this statement,»Being in the right place and at the right time»I cant have said it better than this for sure,timing is crucial in determining your success believe you me.The friends you hang out with,your mind set all positions you to the perfect time,life is full of people who have done extremely well successful,mail becoz of their ability to seize the times that came their way.Don’t live life regretting,make very good use of your time.Have you ever thought and imagined why we only celebrate birthday once in a year and not twice per year..?It simply means that,make the best of the times that you have today.

The bible is also full,of men and women who maximized the time in various opportunities and circumstances.There is no need to feel left out,your time is there for you,but you may not know that or fail to make great use of it.Do what you can while you can.Read the following and begin to realize that above all else time matters most and timing is crucial to what you are going to be and achieve in life.
There is a time for everything. So says Solomon in his supreme wisdom. Yet timing is a lost art for most people, especially in our opportunistic culture today. So, do you understand “times”? There’s a lot in the subject of time and timing. So this is just an introduction to the topic. You will remember that end time prophecies refer to such things as “time, times and half a time” (Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:14).
Jesus knew the times and said of himself, “my time has not yet come” (John 7:6,8).
Members of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, Issachar, were noted for their ability to understand the times, thus knowing what Israel should do in various situations (1Chronicles 12:32). Knowing the significance of times and seasons enables people to make the right choice at the right time.
King Solomon gave us a poetic celebration of the reality of times and seasons.
“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
The most sobering reflection on ‘time’ comes out of the life of Elisha, the powerful prophet of Israel, approx 850 years before Christ. After this man of God healed the Syrian leper, Naaman, he declined to accept the lavish and valuable gifts offered him by the grateful military captain. Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, however, had no qualms about getting a share of the goods and so he secretly went to Naaman and asked for some of the booty, which Naaman happily gave him. When Gehazi returned to his post Elisha challenged him, since the prophet knew by divine revelation what Gehazi had done.
Significant in Elisha’s challenge to Gehazi is the issue of ‘timing’.
“And Elisha said to him, Didn’t my heart go with you when the man (Naaman) turned from his chariot to meet you? Is it a time to receive money, and to receive garments, and olive-yards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and maidservants?” 2Kings 5:26
Elisha knew something about timing that Gehazi did not know. It was not the right time to get wealth. Gehazi’s problem was not greed, nor deception, but ignorance of the time in which he was living.
Now, considering how vital timing is in such a case, how well are we acquainted with timing and seasons in our lives? I suspect that most of us think opportunity is all that is required. If there is an opportunity to get something then the opportunity speaks for itself. Many people end up in some kind of curse, just as Gehazi did, when they act without regard for the times and seasons.
I suggest we all need to be much more prayerful and sensitive to times and seasons. We need to seek God for insight and revelation about how times and seasons impact our lives