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By Herbert Mtowo


Life has taught me that, all critical skills indeed come only when we leave our comfort zones. It would be wonderful if there was a way to comfortably grow. But growth actually stretches our self-confidence to a breaking point. We are no longer able to use those talents and social skills that had become second-nature. We can no longer call upon those who could be relied upon to support us. Instead, we find ourselves suddenly clumsy and with new people who have not yet come to know us and like us.

When you pull away from the things, people, and experiences you are familiar with, when you step out of your comfort zone, you are on a path of growth. This growth, to say the least, is forcing you to stretch, and this stretching is uncomfortable.

Read this through:

Imagine that you are living in a small village. You know everyone. You know what to do, and when. This is your safe and familiar world. But your life calls for you to go beyond your village. Outside the village are resources, more money, more education, and more things that you need to experience. You are forced outside your village because although it is comfortable, it doesn’t have everything you need to survive or succeed in life.

This is how life works. We have our vision, our new purpose, but it is always a little beyond our reach. There is a gap where we are now and where we want to be. And usually, we have a lot of learning and experiencing to do before we can close the gap. You can have your dream, but not the details on how to make it come true. You can make plans, and some plan is better than no plan, but these are only based on what you now know. As you move toward what you are seeking, new knowledge will appear, and you will have to continually revise your plan.

In this world, discomfort is inevitable. Everything in you is calling you to go back to the way things were, even if they were not that good anyway. «Better the devil that you know,» you mutter under your breath, «then the one that you don’t know.» But these are always false assumptions. The reason you need to grow is because your life is not really that comfortable. There is something missing in it. What you take to be comfortable is only what is familiar, but it is not what you need at the moment.

Great true life examples:

Staying at home is comfortable; going to a place to work is uncomfortable. Yet unless you make money, you will lose your home.

Staying at your current weight is comfortable; going to a gym and following a strict diet is uncomfortable. Yet unless you lose excess weight, your health will get worse.

Staying single is comfortable; meeting and dating new people is uncomfortable. Yet unless you find a companion, you will continue to feel shy and lonely.

Outside our comfort zone is something that we need to make us more of who we want to be. There is something we need out there that will help us be successful.

We can, of course, refuse to step outside of our comfort zone, preferring to cope with the limitations within its borders. We can opt for contraction rather than expansion, for stagnation rather than growth. Sometimes, through procrastination, we appear to be doing something about our goals, but, in fact, it is the same thing as complete inaction.

Unless you are willing to face your comfort zone, you will fail to reach your goals, and your power to make positive, life-affirming and expanding decisions will also start to atrophy. Unfortunately, most people choose to honour their comfort zones, and in the process lose out on the opportunity to be, do, and have more of what would truly enrich their lives. The few who do respond to challenge in a positive way are those who start to experience levels of success they would never have dreamed was possible. Stepping outside your comfort zone will teach you more than new social skills; it will also teach you how to orchestrate effective communication skills within you as well.

So many times I have been hit hard had my back against the wall and at the edge of giving up to life, letting go my dreams and pursuits, but something to tells me its time I step out of my comfort zone and reach out to accomplish my dreams, it`s not an easy place to be, but it’s a doable thing. So; I DARE YOU TO STEP OUT AND DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE AND   WHAT YOU ARE MADE UP OF.yes greatness

STAY PUT AND FIGHT!! 17 февраля, 2013

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By Herbert Mtowo

It’s always a nice feeling to watch your competitor pick up their ball and bat, lower their head and walk home pouting. It’s not about having a bully mentality and enjoying others pain because you haven’t dealt with your own personal demons. It’s about not giving up like so many of us do. Who give up-end up rendering themselves useless? Yes, they do.

Staying power is much like a skinny, 5′ 3″ teenage girl bench pressing 150 pounds. It’s not something that most 5′ 3″ teenage girls can do or even fathom trying. With the determined mind-set, she will be able to lift that weight soon enough. You must know what stuff you are made up off, if you are to swim and cross oceans to get to you dreams. Sad though many of us give up too soon, at the slightest opposition and resistance we quit just too soon, fold our hands in despair.

You and me need «Staying Power!” I few are to ever make it in this world and life.

It is the ability to obsessively stay focused on your goal of achieving whatever it is you set out to do without blinking an eye. Similar to chaining yourself to a tree so that the loggers don’t chop it down or your hands are tied behind the chair you’re sitting in, under the hot bright light shined in your face being harshly questioned and you refuse to tell… no matter what, you are committed to stick it out no matter what it takes or how bad it feels.

When you hear about something that is mind-blowing and you want to do the same thing. First, ask yourself if you like the «idea» of it, or if you really have what it takes to make it happen. The point behind these two questions is time.

It’s OK to like the idea but not want to do it. It makes you no less of a person. In fact it shows that you know yourself and your capabilities. You have the wherewithal to make smart decisions and not waste your time or anyone around you.

If you know you have what it takes to make it happen, that makes you no better of a person. The same applies to you. You know yourself and your capabilities and have the wherewithal to make smart decisions.

Those who «like» ideas and try to go for it are the ones who end up taking the bat and ball home with a heavy heart. They tend to blame others for their shortcoming during that event. They now have become useless in their minds and project that onto others around them.

Those who «know» what it takes to make it happen shine and explode with power because they have now proved to themselves they have what it takes! They now have a «rock-star» mentality and everyone around them wants to celebrate with them! Paul says, “I have fought a good fight of faith, I have kept my faith, my crown awaits me”. Such are the results and rewards of sating up and fight another day, another battle, you can`t just be denied, NO you can`t.

So what does «it» take?

Sure determination and you have to «want» it badly enough. That’s it. Little facts or figures play into that feeling. In fact none do. It feels like you’re being called to do something extraordinary! Way too many of us spend too much time fighting that calling, the lure to go for it and jump without looking


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Information is like any other item, it can be collected and accumulated. To do this, it takes time, effort and money and then a place to store all that is collected. Then it is useless and the effort in its accumulation wasted if it is not shown off. So not only is time spent in its accumulation but also in its presentation and sharing.

Knowledge, and the search for knowledge is often related to ones search for meaning and truth, what is life about and why are we here. That knowledge cannot be found in books or magazines, it can only be found by one developing oneself to a state when inner knowledge comes forth. That is not acquired with more and more information, it can only be directly experienced. And that experience takes preparation. Preparation takes time.

Our ego and personality and want to improve ourselves is behind the perpetual acquisition of things, information being one of them. One thing is certain, with all the people out there, and all the time in the past spent creating and writing, there is no way that one person could absorb it all. That means that for one who wants to know everything that is going on in any particular field, or variety of fields their life will be spent accumulating information and there will be little or no time left to develop knowledge. This will lead to a life of being a walking encyclopaedia, which in the end of its days will be set aside for a new edition or used as a door stop or accumulate dust or sold for pennies at a garage sale. Of course there are those who have been born with a great mind and skill that no matter what they read or learn, they become a master of yet another art. Those are exceptions to the rule. Let’s deal with the rule for now.

The human with information, even immense information will at the end of his days, be nothing more than a few cents of carbon and water, with enough iron to make a 2 inch nail, a corpse, an empty dead vessel. Not only that, but it will cost a great amount of money to dispose of this lump of decaying flesh. But knowledge will take the soul to consciousness beyond the end of the body and propel it, stay with it, and be useful.

It is a personal choice, what do you believe. Is life simply being born, living and dyeing, with your achievements hopefully being great enough that your name continues and thereby you become immortal, even for a brief time. Or that you are perpetuated in your offspring generation after generation, until you are forgotten, or is there something that continues regardless of all that is material and human.

Obviously, the only choice that is relevant to the point of this writing is the latter. The next question if that was your first answer is, what continues. Is it information, or is the information wiped out and what has been done with whatever it is that continues that counts. Knowing by reading books on how to fight, or fly an airplane is of no use unless you have the skill. Knowing from reading how to run and remove a cancer without ever having trained by doing is not good enough to insure success. However, some experience, regardless of an immense amount of information will be more useful to keep one alive.

There is a story of two men on a ship. One was a scholar and the other a simple sailor. The whole journey the scholar was putting down the sailor because he did not devote his life to study and only spent his days on a boat. Then the boat hit something and was sinking. Sadly there where no lifeboats, as this was long before. The sailor turned to the scholar and asked if he ever learned to swim. The scholar replied that he did not waste his precious time with such activities. Such a shame said the sailor, because your whole life is about to be wasted.

You will never acquire all the information, and whatever you do get will be outdated within a month because someone else has to come with some new invention to make their mark in the world. One day you may look at all you have learnt and believed to be the greatest discovery, only to find in a short time after that it was replaced by yet a further great discovery. But look into your mind, think of what you have trained it to be, and then decide what you will do today and the rest of your life. What is more important to have or be, thinking from the perspective of what you believe you really are.

Information is only valuable if you use it to improve yourself or the world around you.Train your mind and be creative, be the innovator and not the regurgitator.

PARTNERS IN PAIN 28 января, 2012

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Ruth,Naomi and Orpah

Life has its ups and downs that’s for sure. Sometimes we can go months or years without too many major complications in our lives but eventually we all experience loss, grief, pain, or upset of some sort.I have known pain of loss,deaths,poor health,the pain of being scandalized,and I have known that pain in this journey of life. It’s not fun! Life IS full of challenges, pain, sorrow, and exhaustion. We are fighting off tigers and staring down mice all the time. In reality, I believe there is as much joy in the world as there is pain–sometimes it is just easier to see the pain.

Pain is often disruptive, uncomfortable, challenging and destructive at times, yet it is the most important pillar of personal growth.Pain is part of our life cycles as much as it is part of nature’s cycle. We need to be able to accept and deal with pain to improve ourselves and our lives. Often, this is easier said than done.

Do we welcome pain in our lives? Yes and no. The need to grow, reinvent or progress doesn’t come without challenges. It is in these challenges that we recognize we have to leave the designated comfort zone. We know change has to happen, yet we are reluctant to it because of the strangeness, unknown, discomfort or pain we are experiencing.

Change is therefore motivated by pain – not the pain we are facing when we transition to change, but the pain of staying in the same situation, accepting, knowing we cannot move forward. We don’t want things to stay the same, clearly. But which one of these pains will be less bearable?

The lesson we should all partake in life is to not resist change. As one personal development coach says, “The pain of changing now will always be less than the pain of staying the same”. It’s better to be proactive, then, and seek change before it finds us.

Such is the story of the trio, when their husbands died, Naomi, Ruth and Orpah became partners in pain. Unless you’ve been there, you can’t relate to it. It’s a fellowship that transcends age, race, background and status; it brings the oddest people together. When you’re hurting, don’t look for validation from those who haven’t walked in your shoes. People can’t give you what they don’t have. Often the best they have to offer is the kind of optimism that’s glib and quickly becomes annoying.

Until you can start to make sense of your pain and see the greater good in it, you’ll feel like a victim. But once you see God’s grace at work, and His purpose in it all, you can begin to move ahead…to marry…to have another baby…to get another job… to dream another dream…to live again. Spurgeon wrote: ‘Just as old soldiers compare stories and scars, when we arrive at our heavenly home we’ll tell of the faithfulness of God who brought us through. I wouldn’t like to be pointed out as the only one who never experienced sorrow or feel like a stranger in the midst of that sacred fellowship. Therefore, be content to share in the battle, for soon we will wear the crown.’

Giving up a familiar situation, quitting a safe-perceived but unrewarding job, breaking up a relationship that doesn’t work anymore is painful and launches our minds in a post-mortem “what ifs”. It is natural to feel that change is painful as it involves the loss of a current situation. The truth is that not changing is even more painful.

“Life is about growing. If you don’t change, you don’t grow. If you don’t grow, be prepared to feel massive amounts of pain. You see, life wants the best for us. It wants us to be the best we can be”, writes personal development coach, Dean Cunningham, in his book “Pure Wisdom”. In other words, life wants us to change and to experience the painful transition to change.

Most of us will yearn (even secretly) to change. This is either because we are already in a situation we don’t like or we want to improve aspects of our lives for the better. “If there’s no pain, there’s no impetus to change”, explains Cunningham. Although overcoming a personal challenge is frightening and uncomfortable, instead of treating it like an enemy, embrace it like a friend. It’s a golden opportunity to uncover deep, self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new self-empowering beliefs

When it feels as if all Hell has broken loose in your life, remember, Satan hasn’t snatched the steering wheel from God. No, God’s got it all worked out. Victory is born out of struggle. Be encouraged! God often accomplishes more through our pain than He does through our successes. So, hold on to His unchanging hand!

TEAMWORK IS KEY 25 января, 2012

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By Herbert Mtowo

Am very passionate about soccer, cricket, tennis and rugby and athletics, you name them sports, this takes much of my time when I am not speaking or writing. Such as in sport your family or staff is your team: you win only when you’re willing to accept the strengths and weaknesses of each player. That includes you too. You’re not perfect and you’re not called to ‘fi x’ everybody, so cut it out! Maybe your spouse is a disaster in the kitchen but they keep a spotless house and the garden’s the envy of the neighborhood.

In relationships,marriages or in church set up, if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. At this level it is not about personal brilliance that matters but team work that is the key to unimaginable accomplishments’.

Don’t put your spouse down because you’ve been cooking since you were old enough to reach the stove. No, take the vegetables that are grown and create a meal that makes both the cook and the gardener look good! Teams don’t necessarily win because they have the best players; they win because they can work together. In football even the best player needs other team members to get him the ball, otherwise he’ll never score. Build on your strengths and reduce your weaknesses! One of the sports that I have found to be very interesting is chess, it`s more a team effort sport to win than anything else. Every team member knows the importance of protecting the king to win the game; such is the power of teamwork and team effort for good results.

And learn to accept reality! Some people will never change. You can waste years complaining, causing rifts and driving yourself crazy disorganized, don’t ask them to arrange your next dinner party. Get somebody you can depend on. When you learn to do that, a ‘less than ideal’ team/family can become a source of comfort and love, seeing you through a lifetime of experiences.

Don’t bail out when things are bad. A team or family’s like a stock market — bulls and bears! Wait a little longer! Let God work and things will turn out for everybody’s good! Millions of dollars have been lost, and many a projects fail because people allow their egos, selfishness and greedy to take center stage and dominate than let team work blend them together to make more. In team work we all matter, the ones who are exceptionally gifted also need the average or less gifted to work as a team and produce the desired results.

That is why it is important to note that, to lead your team/family effectively, you need to learn how to huddle regularly. The ‘huddle’ is where a team: 1) sets its goals 2) discusses the division of responsibilities 3) tackles the issues that decide whether it wins or loses. As a coach or parent, even though you call the plays from overhead, your team must be taught how to carry out them on the field. That means working through things, talking through the disagreements and motivating and appreciating each member. Try to listen with an open heart. Don’t just hear what your team members say, try to understand how they feel. Yes, you’re the leader and yes, you can act like the Gestapo and enforce your will if you want to but sooner or later you’ll have trouble, for resentment grows when people feel left out. Every member of your team has to be part of the decision-making process. Involve them!

Ask life to help you look beyond what you want to what’s best for all of you. Don’t fall under the spell of instant gratification. What looks good to you today could be taking you off the path to a better tomorrow. Don’t let ‘outsiders’ into your huddle. Tell them to stay in their own. Too often their opinions are based on hearsay, self-interest or jealousy. Respect the privacy of your team. Build loyalty. Huddle regularly in prayer. When you do that, everybody wins!

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
~ Michael Jordan ~

PERSUE YOUR DREAMS !!! 15 января, 2012

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Dreams. What are dreams? Dreams are soul food. Dreams are things that give us hope. And when they come true, they often give us joy and happiness. Dreams are important for us to hold onto, and to follow. I know when I have a dream inside me, and I listen, really listen, and work towards it coming true, I am filled with energy, and hopefulness, and happiness. Often, when people let go of a dream, when they lose it, something dies inside.

Everybody has goals and dreams. These dreams are at the center of who you really are. It is the core essence of who you are as a person, and the very purpose of your being.What you are dreaming of accomplishing in your life is Gods way of getting you involved in his Master Plan. You were gifted with a set of dreams and talents, in the hope that you would act out these passions, follow your dreams and thusly move forward in life.

If dreams are so important to the soul, to happiness, then why do so many people try to discourage us from following our dreams? Maybe it’s because they’re afraid of seeing us blossom into our full selves, because that’s a place they’ve never dared to go themselves. Maybe it’s because their own dreams have withered away. Or maybe it’s because they’re just scared, scared of the happiness and energy that comes from a person following a dream—and scared of the vulnerability that someone can open themselves up to when they truly follow their heart.

It is really a great pity that we have been told already since early childhood that we should stop dreaming and start living.What a mistake! Living is dreaming! This is exactly why we are here: to pursue our dreams! Not for selfish reasons, but for the sake of everybody.

By following our dreams, you and me become better people,happy people, shining brightly like a sun, lightening up the lives of those around us.

If we decide to forget about our dreams, then we will become like plant without water or sunlight, leaves hanging down, begging for water and looking rather miserable. Are we of any help to ourselves or to the world when we abandon our dreams?

Thats why I can confidently say that your dream is the reason for the way you are! Your dream is not a coincidence. Your dream IS who you are. You should pursue it! Your dream gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, and drives you on into your chosen future. Your dream is the meaning of your life!Why then does it seem to be so difficult to follow your dream?

First, because of the anti-dream-program running in your head, a program installed when you were just a kid.Second, because your dream is always outside of your comfort zone. Pursuing your dream requires conscious effort, growth and change; this can feel somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning. You may experience some fears and worries, but this is normal.

This we all must be reminded that the result for not following our dreams or passions, is not only a statistical waste, but it results in unhappiness. Rightfully so. You’re putting your potential on a leash JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN HAVE IT! You’re conforming to culture. This literally means you’re letting society tell you what you are capable of doing. The solution is to learn how to change your beliefs.




you don’t you are only another case of history repeating itself. The good new is that it’s very possible if you don’t give up. The bad news is that it’s difficult and it takes some time. But it’s only difficult in the short run. After that, you’re living the dream.

It shouldn’t matter what other people say about your dreams. If you have a dream that makes you feel good, follow it. Don’t let sour criticism spoil your dream. Hold onto it, and do the best you can to make it come true. Hold onto your dream in the long nights it takes to get where you want to go—and notice each small step of success as you get there. Nurture your dream. Nurture yourself.

But other people aren’t the only ones who put down our dreams, or try to suppress us. Sometimes we can be the most critical of our own dreams, by dismissing them or telling ourselves that they can’t happen. When we let go of our dreams, we let go of a part of ourselves. We suppress a part of ourselves. And that can deaden us inside, to emotions, to hope. It can bring a lot of pain—because we’re not letting ourselves reach for something that fulfills us. We’re not letting ourselves try.

Not allowing ourselves to follow our dreams, or even to just dream, can eat away at us, and cause us to become bitter, angry, and self-loathing. But following our dreams—ah, that’s what releases us. Even when it’s hard—even when it’s scary and we feel like giving up and we can’t think how we’re going to get there—even then, there’s something that feels right to us, deep in our souls, something that speaks to our hearts and makes us feel alive.

Dreams and aspirations are kind of like seeds in a garden. Would you just plant seeds and leave them to fend for themselves, expecting them to grow into the desired fruit, vegetable, or flower? Of course not. Without water to stay quenched, fertilizer for growth, and regular weeding your seeds would not thrive at all. In fact they would just wither away. That is exactly what can happen to your dreams. They will never flourish without thought, attention, and energy. Deliberateness is needed. It is the process of putting action to your intentions that will help manifest your dreams.

Dreams are vital to our well-being, and we should all have them.So reach for your dreams. Follow them. Believe in them. And they can come true.

FIRED UP BY SETBACKS !!! 8 января, 2012

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Life is not easy, and you and me — like all people — are bound to face many challenges. But it is the hardships in life that make us stronger, as long as we come out on the other side. If it happens thta you are dealing with setebacks and hardships in your life, it’s hugely important that you learn to cope.Throughout a person’s life, they are faced with numerous obstacles, and challenges of different types. There are times, when you want to say to life I dont know about yu,but I have said this many a times: “Please give me a break. Just give me a chance to catch my breath.” But life doesn’t listen,life can be a very stubborn nut to crack. Sometimes, as soon as we raise our heads, it knocks us back down. Can you relate to a time in your life, perhaps even now…..,Does it seem like no matter what you do, things just don’t seem to be working in your favor?My life in particular, has not been an easy walk in the park!I have been knocked left right and center,struggled with poor health,deaths in the family,you name them. But through all, I find myself still moving on, though at times gasping for breath! (May be not at the exact pace I wanted… though).A wise close friend once told me,some years back,“After you have been knocked down or pushed back by life, you should acknowledge the setback, understand why it happened, and then make a leap ahead of where you were when you were hit. That’s how to become the person you always wanted and dreamt to be.” The bible says,»Unless a grain of wheat falls into the gound and dies,it shall abide alone,».[ food for thought this is] Most of us have experienced certain bad things that were quite simply put unfair. People can be cruel. Bad things do happen to good people. And you may find yourself in certain situations that are not your fault — but terrible all the same. Even worse, people will wrong us. And we sometimes do not act in accordance to our own values.When dealing with wrongs in life, you should learn to forgive. And that means forgiving others — as well as yourself. It’s important to know when to seek forgiveness from others as well.When facing setbacks, you will only get worse if you do not forgive. The anger and resentment will eat away at you and cloud your very existence. But the act of forgiveness can help you let go and move on.

One important thing to take note of is,the ability to focus on developing your spiritual life, as it will help you deal with all kinds of adversities. Key to facing hardships is faith and a sense that you really are not in control. Hold onto hope. Even if you have only a glimmer of hope, it can get you through some very tough times. Is there any person on this earth who has not faced adversity? Life can be good, but adversities are also part of life. How does one face them with equanimity? It is difficult if the extent of adversity is very high. But one has to live through difficulties and setbacks and come back in life to succeed again. A sudden accident can make one lose limbs. A man who makes his living with his hands, will surely feel very bad and devastated if he loses his working hand. How about the effect of the announcement by the doctor that your child has cancer? Can parents take this news calmly? They will most probably faint when they hear it first. Some adversities are such that they shatter lives forever. But strong will and faith can help one face and conquer many of life`s challenges.The break up of a marriage that one cherished and adored so much,the loss of children because of relational break-ups and not know wether one will ever see the children again. I dont know who has not heard of Helen Keller? Her blindness and deafness could not shatter her indomitable spirit. There are many instances of such people.

I read the testimony of Ben Tankard and was left wondering at the tenacity and resilence that is endowed in us human beings,which rises up from within during such times of pain and heartache. Ben lost the opportunity of playing basketball in the NBA,as a result of a knee injury,his wife walked out of his life,and many find ourselves in Ben Tankard`s situation.In 1984, while playing with a minor league basketball team in Canada, Ben was invited to a basketball camp where, he was told, NBA scouts would be present.“The scouts did see me play and were interested in me,” Ben said. “But I blew out my knee in the first workout and just like that it was over. There went my chance of being in the NBA.»Where Ben Tankard is today is a good place,but taught and schooled by pain.Acknowledged by many as “the Quincy Jones of gospel,” Ben is one of Christian music’s best-selling instrumentalists. Twentyone gold and platinum albums line the walls of his 23-room mansion—the result of songs he wrote and produced and his association with other artists in the industry. He has also received more than 50 Grammy, Dove and Stellar awards and nominations over the past 20 years, yet these tell only part of the story of how God has brought him through rough and tragic times.The vacation home in Florida; a fleet of vehicles that includes a limousine, a Mercedes and two motorcycles; two private airplanes which Ben pilots himself; and an unshakable marriage that is founded on God’s Word are a testimony, Ben says, to what God will do when you truly trust Him.“It’s not because of anything I’ve done—it’s all about God’smercy.Ben says unashamedly. “It humbles me because I know where I came from and I know who is responsible for me being where I am today.Desperate people do desperate things. At 21, Ben Tankard had become desperate.And he made up his mind not to sink but swim to the other side of the sea.”My word to you is hold on even when the future looks so bleak and gloomy. Looking back, Ben Tankard has learned a lot about sacrificial living.“The truth is, I never really lost out on anything,” he says. “It took me going through a lot of hard times in order to pass the test. I needed to wake up and realize God loves me, and that He anointed me for a purpose. Nothing was taken away from me, it was just delayed.”<[BEN TANKARD`S FROM TESTS TO TESTIMONY].

Let us look at the life as a moving vehicle. As we move, we pass many scenes. Some good and some dirty. But we sit though the journey peacefully and reach our destination. We mostly remain unmoved because — we are not directly pained by the scenes outside and our focus is more on reaching the destination. In any SETBACK, at least the second part can be applied. Come what may, our object should be to create a good life and live as an example for others. That should be our destination and that should be our motivation. Does everyone experience SETBACKS AND DIFFICULTIES in life? The Bible says we do. It even tells us to expect it. Look at some of the synonyms for 'expect': wait for, anticipate, look forward to, look ahead to, imagine, suppose, guess. So do we really do all of that with difficult experiences? If we're honest, we'll answer a resounding, NO! (and don't forget the exclamation mark!) When's the last time you looked forward to the next adversity in your life? In this fragile life many or should I say, most, are experiencing some sort of difficulties on a regular basis. I have a lawyer friend who always qoutes this statement in most of his conversations:"I earned my degree at the School of Hard Knox."? As a parody of higher education with respect to life, many have achieved inner wisdom and greatness by overcoming the perils of life through sheer willpower and determination to succeed.

Whether we believe it or not, we grow stronger through difficulties. Instead of beating ourselves up over perceived difficulties, we need to find resolve and learn to use "setbacks" to our own advantage. More often than not, we encounter hurdles to reflect on what it is we are doing in life, where we're going, and what we need to be doing. Sometimes, we keep running into the same encounters because we have not yet comprehended the message we were supposed to learn the first time. That's not necessarily negative; though we may perceive it to be. It is important to note, too, that while we may face difficulties on many levels and at different stages in our lives, we should never be partner to creating our own drama. We must rise above the setbacks that comes into our lives, and take a responsible view of what that event or person(s) is trying to convey to us.When we choose to learn from difficult situations, we are one step closer to becoming enlightened and one rung higher on the ladder of the strong character you'd like to portray and be.

Your earned qualification at the School of Hard Knox should be proudly displayed. The education and experience you receive in life is all part of the grand adventure of becoming part of the positive flow of Universal energy. You are what you create, and adversity is simply part of the equation to fulfilling personal and spiritual growth on all levels.look into the future with hope even when all hope seens to have left you,stay on and fight.BE REMINDED SETBACKS ARE PART OF LIFE,WE ALL, WILL HAVE <


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Life is all about making choices. You choose how to behave, what to eat, how to live and who to be friends with.God has left the power of choices entirely to us and we are never to blame nobody for who we are to day or who we become tomorow.

Sometimes you have to make some big decisions that have will a huge impact on your life. This is when the fear can kick in. If I choose this path what will happen? Will I have regrets later on? Are there any better options?Sometimes the range of choice is too big. It overwhelms and pushes you into inactivity. You lose focus and either start to drift between performing inconsequential acts, persistently procrastinate any decision making, start looking for excuses or obstacles or end up doing nothing at all.

I am a firm beliver in the liberty and power of choices in life,that one has to be accountable for ther choices and decisions and that for us to become,that we must work and focus on greatness but we are not to rush. For if we are shallow and unprepared people will not seek our advise. If we are boastful others will not seek your advise and in fact likely avoid you.I believe that in lifewe can become great by reading, understanding life’s experiences, thinking and through your actions. Wisdom is in fact earned and gained through experience. No one is born with wisdom. The key is that we are truly judged by our actions. Words are just that. Words unless supported by actions.

Also, indecisive people are usually easily influenced by the opinion of others. When you live your life according to the opinions of others, you will not express your own desires and successfully complete whatever you want to achieve. The world loves a decisive person. Those who make decisions quickly and know what they want usually get it.

I am a person who loves challenges, who loves learning new things and who is also quite stubborn when I want something. Often when I try to get into a meaningful idea that I think is valuable and helpful to me, I have been faced with opposition, people who discourage me from my intent, whether it be family, friends or acquaintances. I met my greatest resistance when I decided to follow my dream as a public speaker,author and life coach It was not a hasty decision based on a life crisis, but one that laid dormant for a long time. I love and have loved public speaking,writting and coaching kids and teengers into greatness and simply waited for the right opportunity to bring this desire back into focus.

There is a book “The Secret” which is perhaps the most widely read book of the past decade. “The Secret” is in fact about the power of attraction. Each chapter in the book is written by experts in the fields of the law of attraction and the power of thought. The books purpose was really to bringing about what you dream about and think about. This all makes perfect sense. For example it is unlikely we do not end up as a doctors if we dreamed or envisioned being a fireman. This I believe is all gained through a thought that became planted in our minds. How good we become at it, is how well we thought it through. That what we visualized in our mind does in fact become reality. Lets call this thought, the seed. From there it grows. However we must fertilize the seed with thoughts of completion. I believe the teachings in “The Secret” to be actual fact. The thoughts that we truly believe will become truths. This can all take place no matter if your rich or poor. The first step toward greatness starts with a clear vision.

A dream is just a dream if you do not act upon it. I believe this to be the most important part that many of the authors left out of “the Secret”. It is critical to your success that you remove all doubt that it can be achieved. For if you doubt your thoughts, you are not committed to achieve it. You must fill your mind with positive thought. Thoughts that will carry your dreams and aspirations to reality. Greatness does not fall out of the sky. The eureka moment will appear because you brought that action toward you. The eureka moment is really a crystallization of what you believed would happen. The eureka moment becomes the proof that you can bring about, what you think about.

This thought process can be hard to grasp when your stuck in the dreaming stage. You must narrow down your thoughts to small details. Dreams are really what we wish for. A wish is just that. A wish.There is now fast and easy way to achieve greatness just like there is no Silver Bullet. Success in becoming great comes after you take the thought from your mind into acting it out in real life. From the Morning and Evening Thoughts of James Allen’s book “As a Man thinketh”. “Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. A person becomes calm in the measure that they understand ones self as a though evolved being.”

To become great you must believe you are in fact, great. This is accomplished from starting with a positive attitude. However, it is from deep thought and a true belief that you will achieve greatness that you will in fact, achieve greatness.If you worry that once you have made a decision there is no going back think about what you have to lose if you do nothing – but remember doing nothing is an option that should be considered too!

PERSUIT OF PASSION !! 4 января, 2012

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What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m sure you were asked this question at least once when you were a youngster. When asked the question, did you have an answer at the ready, or did you need a few minutes to think about it? We all had dreams of becoming something great, like a fireman, a teacher, or a rock star, just to name a few. Well, how did you do? Maybe you never aspired to be what you set out to be or said that you would become. But then again, things change. The older we get, our tastes change, our view of the world changes, even our goals change. Think of the very last thing you did that gave you real joy. Was it yesterday, walking in the mountains on a cool, crisp afternoon? Was it today, kneading dough and baking a loaf of bread? Maybe you got home from work, sat on the back step and watched your garden grow.

I for one struggled to find out who I am not that I had no idea of who I am but loads of suggestions’, people talk and advices from people, kind of side tracked me along the way and I ended up doing so many things that though have built me to become who I am today, but they were really what I was meant to be. Finding your passion and pursuing it is one noble thing to do in life such that you will only have peace and joy when you set your eyes to do and be who you have been wire d and designed to be come. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned during my career path is to do something you love to do. Why is this important? I feel that if you enjoy what you make a living at, you end up being happy in more ways than one. Life itself becomes much more interesting and fun. You find yourself speaking passionately to others about your work. The experiences you have along the way become much more rewarding, and enrich your life in many ways. You meet fascinating people. I know people who have turned favorite hobbies into small businesses, and have succeeded. Sure, they may have had to sacrifice a steady paycheck for their happiness, but not one of them either turned back or gave up. Their passion carried them through to success.

Listen to your heart. Remember what those gifts are. Think about the fire you have inside when you use those gifts. Connect to that small glowing ember inside you flickering into life? You may not be working in a job you really enjoy, or spend as much time as you’d like doing things that make you happy. You have bills to pay and groceries to buy, you have to go to work, the car won’t start and you haven’t taken a holiday since you can’t remember when. Just remind yourself to coax that ember into flame more often. Feed it. The more often that flame gets going the longer it will sustain you when things get tough.

But in life, it doesn’t matter how small that last special moment was; the important thing is that you connected with that deep part of yourself that reminded you how wonderful it is to be alive. Think about it for a minute. Don’t you wish in your heart that you could transfer that exquisite joy of life into the work that you do? Do you know that you have gifts and passions that mark you out for a special place on earth, and that you have a true calling to be the best you can at what you really want to be?

While no job or business is perfect, the important thing is to enjoy it, even learn from it. If you are unhappy in your current situation, why not take steps now to change it? Somewhere out there is a job or business that is perfect for you. If you are already there, I applaud you. If not, realize that it may take some time to figure out what you really want to do, and even more time to actually get there. That’s all right! I can tell you from experience that finding and doing what you love are absolutely worth it, every step of the way. All of the research, training, and hands-on experience have made me a stronger, happier person. Feeling in charge of my own destiny…well, there just is no greater feeling.

And because that flame is getting a hold, you can give yourself space to re-evaluate how you spend every day of your life. Once you start looking to the far horizon, fanning the flames and dreaming dreams, pretty soon the most extraordinary things start to happen. Life doesn’t seem so difficult. Possibilities you never dreamed of come right by because your heart and imagination are ready to accept them, and you’ll connect to an inner energy that you’d forgotten you had.And when you share that experience with other people, they will also be joyous and happy. They’ll notice a change in you. You smile more often. They’ll be drawn to your warmth. They, in turn, will want to share that with others. Doing what you love is like a natural drug. You will be high on energy.

You deserve to experience joy and pleasure. Do what you love, and love what you do, whatever that may be. You’ll be happier for it, trust me. I promise you will never look back.

‎2012 is a time to move forward 4 января, 2012

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‎2012 is a time to move forward with our plans to take the Truth to the next level. This cannot happen if we don’t leave behind the old self which is a viper fill with hypocritical behaviors. If you must fast to do so ;then fast or if you must pray to do so then pray for your change. It is better to be an outright enemy then a snake in the grass which calls itself a friend. We must unite in our ef…forts to bring back the original Gospel ,decency, salvation,forgiveness and repentance. Let’s help make positive changes in the lives of other Christians. That said I am asking all of you who have already started your fast and prayers for 2012 to reexamine yourselves ,your values or purpose for been called a Christian or identifying with the Kingdom of God. Edit your life and delete the mess within it. God and dirt don’t miss up ,for the presence of God is cleanness and purity.
Bishop S. Liberty Sr.

Bishop S. Liberty Sr.