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…get drunk at night?! -answer to brother Mikhail (letter from Silvio Caddeo) 1 мая, 2009

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A question from Brother Mikhail: Dear brother Silvio, explain me why Paul wrote, “And those who get drunk, get drunk at night” (1 Th 5:7). Does it mean that we believers should be sober only during the daylight and that we can have a glass of wine more at the sunset before of going to sleep? What about the elderly people who do not disturb anybody but at home they just drink a glass more of wine to forget their broken dreams or to have a relief from their griefs?”

In 1 Th 5:7 Paul was just using a metaphoric language making a comparison between those who belong to the daylight, the children of the light who are sober, and those who belong to the night, the children of the darkness who are drunk.

The life of the elderly people should not be so hopeless and full of wine, especially if they have always served the Lord and still have a purpose in the life. Because of their long experience they still should have many things to give and they could be very useful to the young people. If the old age could present for us certain painful drawbacks, at the same time we should realize that death is a liberation from the many contradictions of this world (2 Co 4:12-18. 5:1-10).

In order to avoid certain useless misunderstandings, before answering to that question, I would like to read attentively what it meant for Paul to be sober, “For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober (Greek — sofronein) judgement, in accordance with the measure of the faith God has given you” (Ro 12:3).

Consequently, in the New Testament, the term “sober” has a larger meaning than the one of the limited Puritan teetotal vocabulary. In fact, sober could mean sober (not drunk), moderate, modest, careful and temperate in the judgement or someone who does not exceed in eating and drinking as Jesus taught (Lk 21:34).

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